Policy Analysis and Management Collection Policy


subject description and guidelines

  • The Libraries seek to support research and instruction in the areas of policy analysis and management. The major areas of scholarship are formulating, implementing, managing, and evaluating public sector programs. This includes family and social welfare, particularly the intersection between work, family and financial well-being; health, particularly policy and management issues on cost, quality, and access to health services; and, consumer policy, including social, legal and regulatory and economic environment on consumer and producer behavior.


  • The collection is used by faculty, staff and students of the Department of Policy Analysis and Management and related graduate fields.


collection strength

  • Overall, the collecting goals for Policy Analysis and Management are suitable for dissertation-level research and undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate education.

geographical guidelines

  • The collecting scope is global, with an emphasis on the United States and North America. The department is expected to increase global research efforts in the future.

areas of significant geographic coverage

country (self-governing)

  • United States of America 

transnational region

  • northern America 

language guidelines

  • English is the primary language of the collection. Materials in other languages are acquired as requested.


  • English 

chronological guidelines

  • Unless recommended by the department, the library does not purchase materials published more than 10 years ago.

material types

  • Broadly, policy analysis and management emphasize scholarly communication through academic and specialized journals. Scholarly, trade monographs and serials, textbooks and data sets are also collected.


housed in

  • Albert R. Mann Library 

related library subject collection


academic department

  • Policy Analysis and Management (PAM) 

graduate field/program

  • Economics 
  • Human Development 
  • Policy Analysis and Management 
  • Sociology 


library contact

  • Kennedy, Sarah - Collection Development & Digital Collections Librarian