Biometry Collection Policy


subject description and guidelines

  • The Libraries seek to support research and instruction in Biometry. Biometry is the theory and application of statistics, mathematics, and computing to biological problems. Research in biometry is associated with agricultural field sciences, animal breeding, plant, animal, and human epidemiology, and ecology and environmental sciences. The library broadly collects information on scientific investigation design, analysis of data, bio-mathematical modeling, and theoretical and computational biology.


  • The major departments associated with biometry are located on the Geneva and Ithaca campuses and include Animal Science, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Entomology, Nutrition, Natural Resources, Statistics, Applied Mathematics, and Operations Research. Cornell is one of the few universities that offer Biometry at the undergraduate level.


collection strength

  • Overall, the collecting goals for Biometry are suitable for dissertation-level research and undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate education.

collection level

  • research 

geographical guidelines

  • International

language guidelines

  • English is the main languages of scholarly communication in biometry. As a rule, the library does not purchase non-English language materials.


  • English 

chronological guidelines

  • Unless recommended by the department, the library does not purchase materials published more than 10 years ago.

material types

  • Broadly, biometry emphasizes scholarly communication through academic and specialized journals and scholarly monographs and textbooks.


housed in

  • Albert R. Mann Library 
  • Mathematics Library 

related library subject collection


associated with organization

academic department

  • Animal Science (AN SC) 
  • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) 
  • Entomology (ENTOM) 
  • Natural Resources (NTRES/DNR) 
  • Operations Research and Information Engineering (OR&IE) 
  • Plant Breeding and Genetics (PB&G)
  • Statistical Science (STSCI)


library contact

  • Williams, Carson - Collection Development Librarian (Mann Library)