News, Anglo American Collection Policy


subject description and guidelines

  • Olin Library collects selected full-text news sources published in the United States, Canada, and Great Britain in these formats: print, microfilm, and online (plain text, HTML, PDF, and streaming multimedia), including databases that aggregate many news titles.


  • Cornell faculty, students, and staff are the primary constituency for this collection.


collection strength

  • Current news sources are covered at a level suitable for general use. Archival copies are maintained for major national and some U.S. regional news sources. Some news aggregator databases provide limited archival access to news content of smaller cities and towns.

collection level

  • basic 

geographical guidelines

  • Titles published in North America (the United States and Canada) and Great Britain. Online versions of some newspapers that are embedded in news aggregators subscribed to on Anglo-American newspapers funds (Access World News, Nexis UNI,, Access Newspaper Archive) contain international news titles from outside North America and Great Britain.

areas of significant geographic coverage

    country (self-governing)

    • Canada 
    • Great Britain 
    • United States of America 

language guidelines

  • The collection is primarily in English. The international newspapers included in some news aggregators are published in primarily Western European languages.


  • English 

chronological guidelines

  • The library collects currently published titles and archival copies of those titles. We maintain existing collections of ceased or cancelled titles, primarily in microfilm format.


  • News titles for specific subjects (business, science, education, religious, and book review titles, for example) are the responsibility of selectors in those areas.

material types

  • News content is collected or purchased for access in print, microform, and online (plain text, HTML, PDF, still image, and streaming multimedia) formats. The collection is characterized by an increasing emphasis on online versions. I am phasing out print versions of current newspapers. Some microfilm titles have been cancelled over the past few years.


housed in

  • Law Library 
  • Olin Library 


library contact

  • Engle, Michael O. -  Reference/Instruction Librarian; Selector