Italian History Collection Policy


subject description and guidelines

  • Comprehensive collection of primary texts and secondary literature relating to Italian history from Late Antiquity to the present. The collection supports research and scholarly communication at the highest level of excellence.


  • Materials covering the history of Italy are intended to support the teaching and research needs of undergraduates, graduate students, academic staff, and faculty in the College of Arts & Sciences, with particular consideration for the department of History, as well as related disciplines and interdisciplinary programs, specifically: Romance Studies, Medieval Studies, Anthropology, and City and Regional Planning, Government, etc. Visiting researchers are welcome.


collection strength

  • Italy: The collection aims to be at the research level(supporting original scholarship). Strengths are the Middle Ages, the Renaissance,the nineteenth century, and contemporary social thought. Newly available sets of primary sources (in microform, digital, or print), especially in convenient digital form, are highly desirable and, as budgets allow, particular effort is made to acquire them.

collection level

  • research 

geographical guidelines

  • Italy, Istria, Dalmatia, Abyssinia

areas of significant geographic coverage

country (self-governing)

  • Italy 

language guidelines

  • Emphasis is on Italian and English-language materials. Materials in other Western European languages are acquired as appropriate.


  • English 
  • Italian 

chronological guidelines

  • Italy: all historic time periods, including historic archaeology and the Middle Ages. Relevant materials may also be acquired by other selectors, such as the Medieval Studies selector, the Classics and Ancient History, or General History selectors.


  • Juvenile literature, textbooks, genealogy, manuscripts and archives, rare books, newspapers.

material types

  • Newly acquired material may be in either physical (book, serial, microform, DVD) or virtual (e-journal, database) format. For new serial subscriptions the default mode is electronic access (if available) unless physical issues present visual content better suited for research.


housed in

  • Olin Library 

related library subject collection


academic department

  • City and Regional Planning (CRP) 
  • Government (GOVT) 
  • Romance Studies (ROM S) 

graduate field/program

  • Medieval Studies 


  • Anthropology (ANTHR) 
  • History (HIST) 


library contact

  • TBD