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Need to find a book, journal articles or more (either a particular title or on a topic) at Cornell and beyond? Search the online catalog. From the library's website, search most Cornell resources at once using the main search box (or search or browse specific resources more directly using the links under the box).

Subject & Keyword Searching

Sample Subject Headings
Start by searching the catalog by keyword. Use whatever terms you think best describe your topic. When you find a record that matches what you are looking for, view the record and see what subject headings were used. Then search again using that term as a subject search.

Islam -- Southeast Asia

islam southeast Asia / Library Home

Are you off campus? Make sure you're coming though the library website or using Passkey so the resource recognizes you as a Cornell person. (See more below)

If we do not have a BOOK, or if the book is already checked out:
Borrow Direct Borrow books from our partner Ivy League universities. We will have it shipped to Cornell. Borrowing period is one month. Books arrive in 4 business days. (BOOKS only).

If we don't own an item (any item -- journal article, DVD, dissertation, etc.): Interlibrary Loan Services

Access Our Library Anywhere! Off-Campus Authentication - Accessible


Install the PassKey bookmarklet and make access to full-text articles from off-campus quick and easy!

Get more information on how to use PassKey.

If you sign into the Library website from off-campus and access articles that way, you should also be able to get to full-text resources to which CUL subscribes.

Still can't seem to access the full-text? See the boxes below for information on getting resources that are not in the Cornell system.

Off-Campus Authentication

The Libraries’ resources are available from off campus to all CORNELL faculty members, staff, students and retirees. To access them, login with your user ID and password. On campus there should be no problem connecting. Off campus, if not logged into anything Cornell, not provided with an IP address that’s authenticating Cornell, you’ll be blocked. When off campus, first click on something that invokes CUWebLogin—email or something restricted (database, ejournal) through the Library.

Linking to Library Resources

Extended Validation Certificates:

Verify that a web site you are visiting is who it claims to be. If you see green in the address bar in your browser, the web site has an Extended Validation (EV) Cert and it’s encrypted.

Cornell’s CUWebLogin page has an EV cert. To see an example visit any campus service that uses CUWebLogin for authentication. Click the certificate name “Cornell University (US)” to see additional info about the certificate.

Green EV Certs are more reliable, because a certificate authority has to verify a web site’s identity, before an EV Cert will be issued.

Security Quick Sheet

Help Tools - Accessible

  • How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography: The Annotated Bibliography: Explanation, Process, Directions, and Examples (Cornell LibGuides)

  • RefWorks - Web-based system to manage your source citations and to create bibliographies and citations in text

  • Citation Machine - Interactive web tool for creating standard bibliographic and in-text citations in APA, Chicago, MLA, and Turabian style formats

  • DocsCite - Online tool to help put government publication citations into proper APA or MLA style format.

Citation Style Guides - Accessible

Style guides show how to format citations for bibliographies, footnotes, and in-text citations in a consistent format that makes it easy for the reader to locate the source. If your instructor or publisher has not recommended a particular format or style, consult one of the commonly used style manuals, such as: APA, Chicago, MLA or Turabian.

Citing Sources: Style Manuals
Guide to style manuals owned in print format by ASU Libraries and to some online sources.

Research : Citation Management Citation Management Help

Please use  this form to submit questions or comments about citation management tools such as Endnote and RefWorks.

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