• Southeast Asia Visions: A collection of historic travel narratives from the Cornell University Library.
  • Portal to Asian Internet Resources (PAIR). A joint project (University of Wisconsin, University of Minnesota, and The Ohio State UNiversity) covering area content in the humanities and social sciences for all of Asia. Searchable by country as well as discipline.
  • World Digital Library supported by UNESCO it makes avialable significant primary matrerials from countries and cultures around the world.
  • Internet Directory of Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) in the Lao PDP includes information on 63 organizations and a total of 229 projects.
  • Southeast Asia Digtial Library a collaborative digitization project created by northern Illinois University in cooridation with the Committee on Research Materials on Southeast Asia (CORMOSEA).
  • Center for Research Libraries Catalog The CRL catalog consists of the online public access catalog (OPAC) of the Center for Research Libraries in Chicago, Illinois, which collects research materials not targeted by other North American research institutions. Tabbed sections include basic and advanced search, search tips, and advice on requesting materials.