Image Collections

Search resources of online images This page offers links to sites with a range of online images. Many Collections have websites that offer a gallery of online images, or a search facility to find specific items, or both. There are also some sites that offer collections of images based on a particular subject or that celebrate particular works.

Southeast Asia Databases from the University of Michigan libraries Digital Library Initiatives includes:

  • Borobudur
  • Everyday Life in Thailand
  • Images from indonesia
  • Philippine Photographs Digital Archive
  • Southeast Aisa Art Foundation Archive

Art of Southeast Asia contains images from Myanmar, Cambodia, Loas, and Thailand.

Cultures of Indonesia contains various images from Indonesia.

Then and Now: Historical Photographs of Cambodia, this project linked photos from ASU Libraries' Special Collections Mimijac Palgen Photo Collection (from the 1950s and 60s) with photos of the same locations from 2007 provided by Northern Illinois University.

The Mimijac Palgen Photo Collection  provides photos from the 1950s and 60s in Cambodia from royal ceremonies to everyday life. T

Islamic Arts

  • Islamic Painted Page The Database covers examples of the painted page dating from about 700 to 1750 CE from all over the Islamic world. Persian painting is especially widely covered but Arab, Ottoman, Mughal and other sources are all included. The Database includes illuminations, decorated Quran pages and book bindings as well as figurative paintings in manuscripts, albums and on single pages.
  • Islamic Seals Database - Chester Beatty Library

Video Resources

  • Journeys into Islamic Southeast Asia (47 minutes) Follow the footsteps of the traders who introduced Islam into Southeast Asia.
  • The Battle for Islam (63 minutes) Explores Islam since 9/11 with an emphasis on Malaysia and Indonesia as well as Morocco, Turkey and Pakistan.
  • Journeys into Islam [videorecording]/ producers, Ahmad Fadzil A. Manap, Wan Rozita Aladad Khan. Princeton, NJ: Flims for the Huamanities & Sciences, 2006. 4 videodiscs (201 mins).  Hayden Lower Level: BP 63. A1 J68 2006 DVD