PC or Mac?

The installation instructions Access Anywhere is generally the same whether you are on a PC or a Mac since it is installed in a web browser rather than the on the device itself. The screenshots and instructions included here may look different if  the PC version of a browser is different than the Mac version, if the browser has updated, and depending on the age and operating system of your computer.


Install Access Anywhere on Firefox

  1. Make sure the bookmarks bar is visible (usually displayed under the address bar).
    • In the browser menu (usually displayed as 3 vertically stacked lines in the top right of the browser window) under "Bookmarks" click "Show Bookmarks Toolbar."
  2. Go to the Access Anywhere page on the library website.
  3. Click and drag the Access Anywhere icon onto your bookmarks bar.
  4. You should see an "Add Bookmark" pop up window. You can change the name of the bookmark but DO NOT change the URL. Hit save to close the window and the finish installation.