Labor Centers and Colleges - Info and Publications

These are just a few of the university-based labor centers in the US. These sites also have links to useful information including audio-visual material, pulbications and research summaries.

Labor Education Resources

Books on Labor Education

Burke, Bev, et al.  Education for Changing Unions.  Toronto: Between the Lines Productions, 2003.

Applying the principles of popular education to labor unions, the authors discuss the job of union educator, designing effective education programs, and “our favorite union education activities”.   [available in U.S. through Highlander bookstore]

Louie, Miriam Ching and Linda Burnham.  WEdGE: Women's Education in the Global Economy.  Oakland, Calif.:  Women of Color Resource Center, 2000.

This popular education workbook explains in easy-to-read language how global restructuring affects women both here and abroad, and how women are fighting back. 

Project South.  Popular Education for Movement Building: A Project South Resource Guide, Vol. II.  Atlanta: Project South.

Workshops on Work & Wages, Public Education & Movement Building, plus facilitation tips, group guidelines.  Order from website: 

Project South.  Today’s Globalization: A Toolkit For Popular Education In Your Community, 2nd ed.  Atlanta: Project South, 2005.

Exercises and “games” to use to educate people about the historical development of globalization and its current effects.  Order from website:

Wertheimer, Barbara Mayer, ed.  Labor Education for Women Workers. Phil.: Temple Univ. Press, 1981.

How to put together training and education programs for union women.  Written by labor educators, many of whom have been involved in summer schools past and present