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Askari, Elaine.  Violence on the Job: A Guidebook for Labor and Management. Berkeley: Labor Occupational Health Program, 1997.

Bonomo, Perry & Daniel Seidler.  Why Does Working @ My Computer Hurt So Much?  N.Y. ErgAerobics, 1999. Easy-to-use guide to preventing and alleviating RSI (repetitive stress injury) symptoms.  Many stretches and exercises for neck, back, shoulders, even face.

The Labor Institute.  Repetitive Strain Injuries: A Training Workbook for Office Workers.  NY: Labor Institute, 1997.  [distributed through Apex Press] “Designed to get workers talking to each other about the issue”; video also available.

Labor Occupational Health Program.  Collective Bargaining for Health and Safety: A Handbook for Unions.  Berkeley: LOHP, 2000.  [order at ] Sample contract language from actual contracts on such topics as worker information and training, specific hazards, right to act, joint labor-management activities, protective measures, injured workers.

Labor Occupational Health Program.  Tools of the Trade—A Health & Safety Handbook for Action.  LOHP,2006. Includes tools for winning safety improvements, examples of successful h&s campaigns, and strategies for workplace h&s advocacy.

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AFSCME Women's Rights Dept. Domestic Violence: An AFSCME Guide for Union Action. Washington. D.C.: AFSCME.

Safe Jobs Now: An AFSCME Guide to Health and Safety in the Workplace