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Books On Grievance Handling and Dispute Resolution

BNA Editorial Staff. Grievance Guide, 12th ed. Washington, D.C.: BNA Books, 2008. A compilation of the "common law" of labor arbitration; gives summaries of actual cases and analyses of trends in such areas as discipline & discharge, union rights, strikes, and sexual harassment.

Mauer, Michael.  The Union Member’s Complete Guide: Everything You Want—and Need—To Know About Working Union. Wash. D.C.: Union Communication Service, 2001. Answers basic questions about unions and what they do: structure of the labor movement, the grievance process, core labor laws, and more.  Good resource for new members or basic reference for officers & staff. [Order from website:  http://www.unionist.com/ ]

Prosten, David, ed.  The Union Steward’s Complete Guide, 2nd ed. MD: UCS, 2006. Hands-on advice on handling grievances and workplace concerns.  [http://www.unionist.com/]

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