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UALE Summer School for Union Women : Welcome!

Resistance and Solidarity: Resources for Activism

42nd Northeast School for Women in Unions and Worker Organizations

July 22-26, 2017 at the University of Massachusetts - Amherst


Summer school is just the beginning.

This resource guide has been created just for you – to complement your studies at the Summer School for Union Women, and to support your work in the labor movement.

This guide contains links to websites of general interest, as well as specific books and web links, organized by subject. Additional tabs for select classes are also included. The books, articles, and websites listed will help you to learn more about labor history and union organizing, connect with campaigns and projects that focus on issues important to working people, and to expand your activist toolkit with new skills and information.

Most of the books and films listed are still in print! Ordering information is listed in one of the resource guide tabs. Many should be available from your school or public library. If not, request them!

If you have questions about the resources, or would like to suggest a title for future resource guides, please send an email to

For more information on the UALE Womens' Summer Schools, and links to current regional Schools, check out the UALE website.

This resource guide was compiled by:

Aliqae Geraci, Coordinator of the Labor & Employment Research Team
Martin P. Catherwood Library, Cornell University

Donna Schulman, Library Director (retired)
James B. Carey Library, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey