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A Guide to News Research: Where to Find News Articles: Pre-1980 U.S. Coverage

A chronological overview of the major resources for finding the news, both historical and recent, with advice for the news researcher. Formerly called Finding the News.

Pre 1980 U.S. News Coverage

In addition, printed newspaper indexes cover some individual newspaper titles before 1980. For events of national interest in the years before 1980, you can use the New York Times Index (1851 to 2017), the Washington Post Index (1971 to date), the Wall Street Journal Index (1955 to date), and the Christian Science Monitor Index (1949 to date) in Olin Reference. The Wall Street Journal Index is also available in the Management Library from 1958 to date.

In addition, Olin Library houses a large number of unindexed newspapers from before the twentieth century. See the Early American Newspapers guide for more information.

Discovering U.S. Newspaper Holdings Outside Cornell

The WorldCat database is a searchable catalog of many U.S. newspaper titles and the libraries that own them.