Early English Newspapers

Early English Newspapers, 1622-1820, (catalog record here) is another large microfilm set. The microfilm is located at the Library Annex, call number Film 5053, and contains hundreds of newspapers. See this information on Early English Newspapers for more detail. Records for individual newspaper titles on the microfilm are included in the Cornell Library Catalog. Search for "early english newspapers" and microform. The Library Annex will scan individual newspaper articles from this set and deliver them free to Cornell students, faculty, and staff.

The newspapers in the Early English Newspapers [EEN] microfilm set are now available the searchable online collection 17th-18th Century Burney Collection Newspapers. The Burney Collection provides full-text searching capability and page images for all the newspapers in EEN. We do not yet have individual catalog records that link to the online version, but there are catalog records for all the titles in the microfilm set. The Burney Collection is also cross-searchable with any or all of 25 other historical collections (many of them long runs of newspapers) using the Gale Primary Sources interface.