eCommons access for website managers

eCommons access for website managers

eCommons content can be embedded in your unit's website via OAI PMH, the eCommons API, RSS feed, or direct link.


eCommons API

Syndication feed

A syndication feed is available through Atom. Links to feeds are displayed in the middle right corner of the landing page for every community, sub-community, and collection (next to the gear icon).

Direct links

For direct links to individual items, please use the handle (permanent link) or DOI, rather than the URL displayed in a web browser. We strongly advise against linking directly to files, as we cannot guarantee the persistence of those links. See also persistent URLs in eCommons.


We regret that we cannot provide in-depth support for the use of these tools, but if any feeds or access points do not seem to be functioning properly, please contact us.