eCommons statistics

eCommons statistics

Statistics available from the item, collection or community page

Usage statistics are available for an item, collection, or community's landing page. Look for "Statistics" in main navigation toolbar (next to "Browse"). The Statistics provided are contextual and will reflect whatever page you were on when you clicked "statistics".  Please note that these statistics are only for the past seven months, and are updated monthly.

Community and collection statistics reflect visits to the community or collection home pages, and not the total visits for all items within.

For items, "Total visit" counts include both page views and file downloads. 

"File visits" include only file downloads.

Historic download statistics for the ILR School and School of Hotel Administration

Cornell University Library migrated the ILR School (DigitalCommons@ILR) and School of Hotel Administration (The Scholarly Commons) repositories into eCommons at the end of 2020. Historic download statistics for items that were migrated from those repositories are displayed under dc.description.legacy downloads, on the "full item page".