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eCommons Help

Create an account

An account is necessary to submit content and to receive e-mail updates when new content is added. Log in to eCommons with your Cornell netID and password to create an account. Users without a Cornell netID must contact eCommons administrators to create an account.

How to Login

Log in to eCommons with your Cornell netID and password.

We no longer support the "other login" feature and all users must login using Shibboleth. If you were previously using the other login feature, please know that your material still remains in eCommons, as well as your account. Going forward, if you need to submit, please contact eCommons administrators to mediate the submission process. 

My Profile/Account

If you are a registered eCommons user and have logged in, the "Login" menu option will change to a "User Profile" menu. Here you'll find:

  • Profile
    • Identify – you may make changes to your name, or add a telephone number for account administration purposes.
    • Authorization groups you belong to- this will reflect access and submission permission groups. 
  • MyDSpace
    • A list of all your submissions.
    • You can filter on the left by "Status" to find your "Archived Submissions" or your "Workspace."
    • Workspace holds your in-progress submissions - from this list you can resume the submission process where you left off, or you can delete the submission. 
    • A list of your archived submissions that have already been accepted into eCommons.
    • At the top of this page, you may also drag and drop or browse your computer for files to initiate an item submission. 
  • Subscriptions – you may opt to receive daily email alerts to any new items added to collections by selecting the collections you wish to follow.
  • Logout

How to Submit

See How to submit.

For guidance on describing your content in the eCommons submission process, see Metadata tips.

How to Get Additional Help

For additional help with eCommons, contact an eCommons administrator.