Help for submitters of research related to COVID-19

In order to maximize the discoverability of COVID-19 research, and to conform with repository best practices and the requirements of publishers and research funders, we recommend the practices outlined below.

If you have already submitted COVID-19 research to eCommons, and would like us to update or improve the description of your work, or make other changes in order to implement these best practices, please contact us.

Verify that you may post the work

If you are posting a paper that has or will be published in a journal, check the journal's copyright and self-archiving policy before submitting the work to eCommons. The Sherpa Romeo database provides an easy way to look up a journal's policies. More detailed guidance is available in the Library's Author Rights Resources guide.

Include relevant keywords

We strongly recommend you include "COVID-19" as a subject keyword.

MESH subject terms can be specified and added upon request, after submission. Please include the eCommons handle or URL in your request. 

Acknowledge source of funding

Use the "Sponsors" field to enter information about the source of funding. Include the name of the funder and the grant project name/number.

This is particularly important when publishers make exceptions to their sharing policies on the basis of a funder's sharing requirement.

Apply a Creative Commons License

A Creative Commons license makes clear to others whether and how they may use your work, without having to seek your permission. A CC-BY license is the most permissive, and a CC-0 waiver puts the work in the public domain. Many publishers require that pre- and post-prints of works they publish be posted with a CC-BY-NC-ND license. All of these are available in the eCommons submission process.

See also eCommons help on Copyright and intellectual property.

Request a DOI, if appropriate

We mint DataCite DOIs for completed submissions upon request. More information on the benefits of DOIs and whether/when it is appropriate to request one is available on the Persistent URLs help page.

Provide the publisher's DOI, if applicable

Some publishers allow the posting of preprints, postprints, or even the published version, on the condition that any other version or copy also include a DOI for the publisher's version of record. We can add a publisher's DOI to the record for your work in eCommons, at any time. When you contact us, please include the eCommons handle or URL with your request, and the publisher's DOI to be added to the eCommons record.