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News Research: Finding the News: Today's

A chronological overview of the major resources for finding the news, both historical and recent, with advice for the news researcher. Formerly called Finding the News. Click on the BLUE TABS below to access all sections of this guide.

Today's News

The following online titles provide access to some mainstream news articles.

The Newsstand section on the default home page of Factiva shows the last two weeks of the following news sources—every article, plain text (no graphics)—The New York Times, Wall Street Journal (U.S. edition, Europe edition, and Asia edition), Washington Post, Investor’s Business Daily, and the BBC. The Library subscribes to this database, so all Cornell has access.

Financial Times/
The Library provides free online access. Go to this catalog record--Financial Times--and follow the link to set up your free account. All faculty, students, and staff have access.The default edition is the “International Edition.” You can switch to the UK Edition on the homepage.

Library Press Display aka Press Library:
Full-color, full-text online versions of some major print newspaper titles, over 700 titles from 55 countries. Use the Publications by Country menu at left to choose USA, France, etc. More reliable sources are displayed first. Use discretion in picking from these news sources; many popular magazines and non-news sources are now included. The last 90 days is available with some exceptions (Chicago Tribune, last 4 days available, for example).

New York Times/
The Student Assembly has purchased access for all Cornell undergraduates only. Login instructions are here as a PDF: New York Times -- digital access for undergraduates. Other users are limited to 10 articles per month without a personal digital subscription.

Wall Street Journal/
To access the Wall Street Journal online, go to and register. Select your account type from the dropdown menu, add a password, and agree to the Privacy Policy. Then Create and you have access. Available to all faculty, students, and staff at Cornell.

Washington Post/
Update: Free access to the Washington Post online for people with edu, .mil, or .gov email addresses has gone away. Free access is now limited to a few articles per month for nonsubscribers. Current and recent articles in plain text format from the Washington Post are available on Factiva’s Newsstand page:

World Politics Review:
Continuously updated. Articles provide analysis of trends and events in international affairs. Published entirely online, WPR's original articles are written by a network of analysts, journalists, and scholars. Nonpartisan, nonideological articles cover diplomacy, military affairs, energy, economics and related subjects.


Regional News Services

A European press review with English, German, and French summaries for 28 European countries. Text is the translated lead paragraph of the article. Some entries link to the full text online in original language and some only to the source news site.
A daily selection of articles from news sources (print, radio and television media) and newsletters appearing in 22 Arab countries, Iran and the Arab Diaspora. English translations from Arabic and Farsi. Added links to current source home page when available.