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eCommons: Cornell's Digital Repository

Information and user support for eCommons, Cornell's Digital Repository.

Video overview

Video in eCommons should be intended for access. We currently do not accept or store very large files, such as those typical of production-quality material. Videos submitted to eCommons should be of a manageable download size, in conformance with our Collection and content policy.

You may also submit multiple versions of the same video (for example, high res and low res, or various languages).

If your video files exceed our size limit, we recommend that you submit a lower resolution version. If you are looking for a program to resize your videos, we find Handbrake very helpful. It's open source, available for most popular operating systems, and has robust documentation.

Video streaming

eCommons can also create streaming video (with automatically generated captions) upon request, see as an example. For embedded streaming video eCommons uses Kaltura, the same platform as Cornell's Blackboard implementation. Streaming video can be shared or embedded elsewhere, just click on the sharing icon ( ) for a static URL and embed code.

If you would like streaming video enabled for your eCommons content, please contact us and include your item's handle. 


See Also: Performance Releases


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