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eCommons: Cornell's Digital Repository

Information and user support for eCommons, Cornell's Digital Repository.

eCommons Policies

Depositor Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the eCommons depositor are to:

  • Understand and observe eCommons policies.
  • Clear copyright for items deposited when copyright owner is not the depositor or Cornell University. Help with this may be available from Cornell's Copyright Information Center
  • Provide an accurate and full description of the deposited content, and verify its correctness once deposited.
  • Agree to the Deposit License.
  • If possible, make explicit the terms under which others can use the deposited content. One easy way to license your content to others is through the use of a Creative Commons license; see Copyright and intellectual property for more guidance.
  • Arrange for the deposit of the work into eCommons.

Responsibilities and Rights of Cornell University Library

The University Library agrees to:

  • Ensure items in eCommons are preserved according to the eCommons Preservation Support Policy.
  • Provide persistent and reliable access to items in eCommons.
  • Distribute content according to eCommons policies.

The University Library has the right to:

  • Review, amend, and redistribute metadata for any item in eCommons.
  • Refuse or withdraw any item that does not comply with the eCommons Content Collection Policy, and withdraw items in accordance with eCommons Withdrawal Policy.
  • Perform any necessary format changes to items to ensure the preservation of content, based on the eCommons Preservation Support Policy.
  • Charge a fee for services that require extensive centralized support by the eCommons staff (decided on a case-by-case basis).
  • Institute quotas (size of files, number of items) or pre-deposit selection or appraisal requirements if financial constraints require that limits be placed on eCommons's operations.
  • Ensure any collection's organizational structure, content policies, and workflows are consistent with eCommons policies.
  • Reassign control of a collection which has been abandoned, in order to ensure continued access to its items, and assume responsibility for managing collections without a designated coordinator.
  • Renegotiate terms of the original agreement with collections if necessary.

Updates to eCommons Policies

We review and revise these policies as needed.

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