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Information and user support for eCommons, Cornell's Digital Repository.

Creating metadata for batch upload

eCommons staff will work with collection coordinators to upload multiple items to collections. Coordinators should refer to the Metadata tips page in this guide and the README page in the metadata template for guidance on the meaning and content of metadata fields; this page provides additional information on the correct formatting of those fields. Templates employ data validation whenever possible, and we provide formatting guidelines (below) for manually entered metadata. 

Metadata templates available on the eCommons wiki (access restricted to current collection coordinators; please contact eCommons adminstrators to request access.

Metadata formatting

Some or all of the following fields (or slight variations on them) may appear in a metadata template.

File_name: REQUIRED. Copy or type the file name exactly, including the extension (.PDF, for example). 

Authors: RECOMMENDED. Format as: Lastname1, Firstname1; Lastname2, Firstname2 etc. 

Title: REQUIRED. Capitalize the first word and proper nouns; do not use all capital letters. 

Pub_year: REQUIRED. Format as YYYY, validated field.

Pub_month: OPTIONAL. Integer between 1 and 12, validated field. 

Pub_day: OPTIONAL. Integer between 1 and 31, validated field. 

Publisher: OPTIONAL. No formatting requirements. 

Citation: OPTIONAL. If previously published, enter citation information in any standard citation format. 

Language: OPTIONAL. Validated field. Codes available below.

Type: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Validated field. 

Mandatory keywords: OPTIONAL. Some collections apply a standard keyword or phrase to every item in order to improve search results. These are in addition to author-supplied keywords. Separate multiple keywords with a semi-colon.

Keywords: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Separate multiple keywords with a semi-colon.

Abstract: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. No formatting requirements. 

Description: OPTIONAL. No formatting requirements.

Collection_name: REQUIRED. Copy or type the collection name exactly. Validated field in some custom templates. 

Collection_URL: REQUIRED. Copy or type the collection URL exactly. Validated field in some custom templates. 

Committee chair or advisor: RECOMMENDED IF APPLICABLE. Format as: Lastname1, Firstname1; Lastname2, Firstname2 etc. 

Committee co-chair: RECOMMENDED IF APPLICABLE. Format as: Lastname1, Firstname1; Lastname2, Firstname2 etc. 

Committee member: RECOMMENDED IF APPLICABLE. Format as: Lastname1, Firstname1; Lastname2, Firstname2 etc. 



Embargo_end_year: REQUIRED IF APPLICABLE. Format as YYYY, validated field. See eCommons Access policy.

Embargo_end_month: REQUIRED IF APPLICABLE. Integer between 1 and 12, validated field. 

Embargo_end_day: REQUIRED IF APPLICABLE. Integer between 1 and 31, validated field. 

Release_form: REQUIRED if present. Copy or type the file name exactly, including the extension (.PDF, for example). Suggested file name structure: LastnameFirstname_YYYY_FERPA.PDF, LastnameFirstname_authorrelease.PDF, as appropriate.

Creative_Commons_license: OPTIONAL. Validated field. 


Language codes

Value Language
en_US English (United States)
en English
ar Arabic
bn Bengali
my Burmese
ca Catalan
zh Chinese
da Danish
nl Dutch
fr French
de German
he Hebrew
hi Hindi
hu Hungarian
is Icelandic
it Italian
ja Japanese
jv Javanese
ko Korean
la Latin
ml Malay
mr Marathi
ne Nepali
pt Portuguese
pa Punjabi
ro Romanian
ru Russian
es Spanish
ta Tamil
te Telugu
tr Turkish
ur Urdu
vi Vietnamese
other Other language