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eCommons: Cornell's Digital Repository

Information and user support for eCommons, Cornell's Digital Repository.


In support of Cornell’s Web Accessibility Policy, eCommons strongly encourages submitters to upload accessible files. We strive to create an environment that embraces the “Four Key Aspects to Web Accessibility” or POUR, with collection items that are:

Perceivable (e.g., alt text)

Operable (e.g., keyboard, navigation)

Understandable (e.g., text readable)

Robust (e.g. compatible with assistive  technologies)

We strongly encourage you to consider accessibility in your workflow. This might mean steps taken while authoring content (See Best Practices for Creating Accessible Word Documents or for Google Docs Make your document or presentation accessible), or remediation steps taken in advance of uploading to eCommons (See Checklist for PDF Remediation).

To learn more about creating accessible PDFs, and for information on accessibility resources available only to the Cornell community please visit

Web Accessibility Assistance