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Statistics Sources for Asia: An Introduction: Research Help


The Asia Collections has a large amount of statistical sources, much more than is represented here in this Introductory Guide.  Use the online catalog to search for types of statistics (labor, economics, population etc.) or for statistics of particular countries

In the Kroch Library Asia stacks,  all HA 1 to HB 9  call numbers on level 1B  (lower level) are now along the north wall, in call number order. (This section includes large runs of statistical yearbooks.)  

Statistics books and yearbooks can also be found on level 1 (oversize books)  of the stacks in the HA and HB sections.   Check the library catalog to see if the item you want is oversize ("+").




Asia Reference:   (Carole Atkinson, Reference & Information assistant, Room 180  Kroch Library)

  • China statistical databases:  Liren Zheng, curator, Wason collection.  Room 172 Kroch Library 
  • Japan:  Dan McKee, librarian.  Room 173 Kroch Library
  • Korea:  You Lee Chun, Tech. 
  • South Asia:  Bronwen Bledsoe, curator, south Asia collection.  Room 181 Kroch Library 
  • Southeast Asia  mainland: Greg Green, curator.  Room 179 Kroch Library ; Southeast Asia island nations: Jeff Petersen, librarian.  Room 178 Kroch Library

Olin Library Reference:    (Subject specialist librarians at Olin Reference)

Asia Information & Reference

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