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Art History and Visual Studies: A Research Guide: Catalogues Raisonnés

This research guide to art history and visual studies emphasizes reference resources and databases available to members of the Cornell community through the Cornell University Library.

Online Catalogues Raisonnés

A number of scholarly associations have now created databases of artwork to replace traditional printed catalogues raisonnés.

Here are a few sources that have collected those sites:

And here is a great example of an online catalogue raisonné of an individual artist's work:


Catalogues Raisonnés Defined

A catalogue raisonné, broadly speaking, is a reference work that provides as comprehensive and detailed a list as possible of an artist’s oeuvre. Sometimes the catalog of works is broken down by format or medium, or broken down into chronological sequences.

Oxford Art Online definition: catalogue raisonné

New York Public Library definition:
What is a Catalogue Raisonné?



Finding Catalogues Raisonnés

Finding catalogues raisonnés in general:

The Fine Arts Library's collection of catalogues raisonnés is distributed; many of them held in the reference collection, while others are in the circulating collection (held either at Fine Arts or the Annex).

Finding catalogues raisonnés in the catalog:
The term, catalogues raisonnés, is usually used in the subject cataloging for art monographs. Here's an example of a search (using the advanced search function):

It is sometimes helpful to broaden the search to also include the terms, catalogs and catalogues (using the "any" query to search for either term)--be aware that this search will also look for exhibition catalogs.

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