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Lesson Plans on Turkey: The Turkish Cultural Foundation offers teachers a database of lesson plans. Lesson plans are developed by TCF’s Teacher Study Tour participants and other American educational institutions and experts on a number of subjects for middle and high school students. Search for the Ottoman Empire, World History, Current Affairs, Art and more!

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ISAM (İslam Araştırmaları Merkezi)- Center for Islamic Studies   Salnames / Ottoman articles  / Ottoman treatises "The ISAM library was established in 1984 with the purpose of collecting the publications necessary to prepare the TDV Encyclopedia of Islam under one roof  ...  (İslam Araştırmaları Merkezi) is the best research library in Turkey for Ottoman and Islamic studies."

BiblioPera: Beyoglu Research Centers Network is a partnership project of 9 international research centers located in Beyoglu, Istanbul. Rising over the shoulders of a union catalogue, BiblioPera brings the multilingual collections of the libraries of research centers together, and creates a platform for further cooperation for research and activities in Social Sciences, Art & Humanities.

GTOT e.V. (Society for Turkic, Ottoman and Turkish Studies) is an academic organization operating in the field of Turkic, Ottoman and Turkish studies. GTOT aims at creating a network for scholars and especially for young researchers in the field of Turkic, Ottoman and Turkish studies encompassing a wide range of research interests including the diverse range of religions and ethnic groups existing and living in areas populated by Turkic groups in the past or present.


  • Historians of the Ottoman Empire bio-bibliographical reference book on Ottoman historians.
  • HISTORY OF SERIAL NOVELS IN TURKISH LITERATURE (1831-1928) to examine at least 150 newspaper and magazines that were published in Arabic based alphabet in the period 1831-1928, in order to find out and record the serial novels published in these periodicals. 

  • BiblioPera brings 9 research centers located in Beyoğlu and their collections together -- Istanbul Research Institute, Koç University Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations, SALT Research, Deutsches Archäologisches Institut-Istanbul, Netherlands Institute in Turkey, Institut Français d’Études Anatoliennes, Orient-Institut Istanbul, Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul, and The Consulate General of Greece - Sismanoglio Megaro. The project is developed by Koç University Suna Kıraç Library, and supported by Istanbul Development Agency.