1. From the library homepage, go to the library catalog.
  2. Enter the title. Note: Title searches can be finicky. It's often helpful to leave out punctuation like colons. The "All Fields" search will generally work well, but the dropdown menu provides additional options to search by title, journal title, title begins with, along with other options


library catalog dropdown menu


Articles in databases

  1. In database records, look for the "Get it! Cornell" links. "Get it!" will search the library catalog to see if we have the volume, issue and year of the cited journal online. In many cases, it will take you directly to the article where it appears in the journal.
    In the screenshot below, the article, "Toward a socially just transition to a low carbon development: The case of Indonesia." appears in the journal, Asian Affairs, in November 2020, volume 51, issue 4, on pages 875-894.

    database record with arrow pointing to the "Get it! Cornell" link

  2. If you see "Item not Found," you can follow the link to Chat with a Librarian, try searching by ISSN (a unique number assigned to every journal), and/or Request from Interlibrary. Don't hesitate to Chat with a Librarian! We are happy to iron out any access problems

Finding the full text of an article referenced in print sources or on the web