Case Interview Books

Those considering a career in consulting should consider using these case interview preparation books, along with our interactive database CQ Interactive. These books are on reserve at the Management Library in Sage Hall. Ask for them at the circulation desk.

Career Books

There are many career books out there and you have limited time so choose the ones that you invest in wisely.  Here are a few that are classics, popular, and/or timely:

For an interview that goes beyond the basics


Your fabulous resume has landed you a coveted interview.  Now you're asking yourself how to stand out and get noticed face-to-face.  A little extra research will go a long way toward being prepared to answer interview questions and to formulating intelligent questions for those interviewing you.

If you're looking for guided role play for practical scenario simulations for offer and salary negotiations, this YouTube channel is valuable.

Contact Cornell Career Services if you need access to a quiet space for your upcoming interview, free of distractions. Reserve a room now!

Your Network

Your professional relationships are key to your professional success.

However, don't put all your job-hunting eggs in one basket. Aside from your professional colleagues, your network already includes classmates, alumni networks, social contacts, your family, friends and so on. Think about all the different people in your network that you have any sort of  relationship with.

Job-hunting online should be only a small part of your job search, as should chasing job postings. Spend the bulk of your time identifying employer prospects and designing a networking plan to help you land a position in one of the organizations. Network with former coworkers and other professionals in your field.

Keith Ferrazzi, the author of the "Never Eat Lunch Alone" career guide, quoted a study from Mark Granovetter that highlighted the “strength of weak ties.” -- When it comes to finding out about new jobs, information, or ideas, weak ties are generally more important than your strong ties. This is because many of your closest friends and contacts socialize at the same conferences, generally do the same work, and exist in roughly the same world as you do. Strong ties often know the information that you already know. Weak ties, however, occupy a different world from you.

Social Networking

linked in logoOnline business networks like LinkedIn help you connect, get advice on a global scale, research background information, and join industry groups/associations. For instance, join the Careers Beyond Academia LinkedIn group and the alumni groups at Cornell and at your previous institutions.

To use LinkedIn, if you are a grad student who one day wants to be a Chief Technology Officer of a company, you may want to look at current CTO profiles to get an idea of what you may need to do before you achieve your goal. You can use the alumni search function to find individuals who work at an organization you are interested in joining, and further filter by geographic region or job functions.

Social networking is a great tool to brand yourself, help you make money, reference check employers and so much more. Look to the Careers Beyond Academia or Cornell Career Services event calendars for workshops on how to create a stellar employer-ready profile.

For more information on social networking and other Web 2.0 tools you can use in your career search, please go to the Cornell Library Web 2.0 in Business online guide.

International Books

globe and magnifying glassFor international students looking for a job in the US or US students looking to work abroad, take a look at the following resources for cultural information:


For international students

Internationals are valuable contributors to the workforce and economy of the U.S.. Visit the Cornell Career Services website for additional information relevant to the job search particular to internationals. There is a link to handouts for US job search resources and a US job-search curriculum that outlines 10 steps you can take to look for a job in the U.S.

It is imperative that you become familiar with your Visa constraints to work in the U.S. Please consult the international services of the Office of Global Learning for the latest news and events to learn more.

The English Language Support Office (ELSO) provides many services for internationals to improve presentation and speaking skills, tutoring on manuscript or dissertation writing, and much more.