Fellowships and Scholarships in Data Science


These fellowships have in common experiential learning in hands-on industry linked projects. Typically 6-8 weeks in duration, they can substitute for a traditional postdoc for graduate students seeking to transition into a data science career. Often they take place in data science hubs across the country, in California, New York, Massachusetts, and beyond. They all involve a lot of self-directed learning combined with industry professional mentorship and community building among the participants.

Bloomberg Data Science Fellowship

The Data Incubator

Insight Data Science Fellows Program -has specific programs in data science, data engineering, health data, AI, data project management, devops, blockchain engineering & analysis, and security

Data Science Fellowship for Non-Profits via datasciencedojo


There are many additional data science scholarships for PhDs shared in a list at the World Scholarship Forum, Apply now!

Cornell Career Services Canvas Module-Data Science

Use the Canvas platform available to the Cornell community (login using your netID) to explore careers in data science.

In this Data Science module, you will learn:

   1. What data science is and how to learn more about the industry.

   2. What technical skills and knowledge data scientists need.

   3. Tips for finding opportunities in data science.

   4. How to prepare for interviews.

   Timing: 20-25 minutes


Prepare and Apply

Resources for more info

Cornell provides a subscription to Nature Masterclasses. All Cornell students, faculty, and staff can take any courses available through Nature Masterclasses including Scientific Writing and Publishing; Finding Funding Opportunities; Data Analysis; Networking for Researchers; and more. You must register your account using your Cornell email address.

Discover Data Science provides an entrée to learning more about the profession

Obtain open certification badges through IBM and Google to document your skills

Learn the language of data science via Biospace -The Explosion of Big Data Jobs: These Biotechs Are Hiring Huge Numbers of Data Scientists

Discover nine areas in biotechnology where data scientists are employed-this is just the tip of the iceberg in biotech, says author Aditya Basrur

Contribute to the essential repository of code: Github, a platform to host and review coding, develop software and connect with other developers.

Data Science Central is a resource for big data practitioners

Careers Beyond Academia Mentors in Data Science

Reach out to Cornell alumni who have been awarded the Data Insight Fellowship, or work in data science--they are eager to talk with you:

Hector Aviero PhD '12 Electrical and Computer Engineering

Lena Bartell PhD '18 Applied Engineering Physics, minor in Biomedical Engineering is an alumna of the  2018 Health Data Science program

Brandon Borde PhD'16 Biomedical Engineering

Lucien Clavier, PhD'15 Mathematics, EY

R. Alex Coots PhD '16 Nutrition

David Drummond, now at Evidation Helath; spoke at Cornell Oct. 12, 2016 and Jan. 20 2017 to give an overview of the Insight Fellows Program.

Eric Epstein, Cornell PhD '17 Philosophy started January 2020

Poornima Gadamsetty, Cornell PhD '16 Biomedical Engineering-did the program in fall 2018

Avani Gowardhan, Cornell PhD '19 Astronomy, participated summer 2019

Zhen Han, Cornell PhD '16 Ecology is a Data Science Fellow from 2019

Lei Huang PhD '17 Computational Biology

Colin Jermain PhD '17 Physics

Keegan Kelsey, Cornell PhD '15 Genetics, Genomics and Development, is an alumnus from the 2015 program

Natalie Morse, Cornell PhD'18 Environmental Engineering, alumna of the 2018 program

Riccardo Pavesi Cornell PhD '19 Astronomy, did the program spring 2019 (spoke at Cornell May 8, 2019)

Brian Schaefer, Cornell PhD'21 Physics, participated in the Data Incubator program

Beate Sissenich Cornell PhD '03 Political Science and Government; now at Nielsen

Jennifer Spindel PhD '15 Plant Genetics

Luna (Juan) Wang, Cornell PhD Biophysics participated spring 2019-see her Microsoft credentials as examples