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United States Government Documents: The Congress, the Presidency, and the Courts.

Lynn Thitchener, Government Selector. With gratitude to Fred Muratori, creator of the original US Government Documents guide.

About Congressional Documents

Online sources ~ Print & Microform holdings

"The Congressional Documents collection consists of House Documents, Senate Documents, and Senate Treaty Documents. House and Senate documents contain various kinds of materials ordered to be printed by both chambers of Congress. Documents can include reports of executive departments and agencies, as well as committee prints, that were ordered to be printed as documents. Senate Treaty Documents contain the text of a treaty as it is submitted to the U. S. Senate for ratification by the President of the United States." (GPO: About Congressional Documents)

Committee Documents : Online Sources

Committee Documents : Print & Microform

1789 - 1817 (1st - 14th Cong.) American State Papers
1817 - 1979
Shelved in Rare/Annex
United States Serial Set

1980 - 2013

Olin Lower Level, Government Documents section.

United States Serial Set


1956 - 2008 Readex US Government Documents
Our printed Serial Set holdings are not complete. See United States Serial Set in John M. Olin Library, OLIN REF Z1223 A16 C74+ (2 vols.) for a shelf inventory list compiled in 1991.


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