Sales Publication -- No symbol number

Beyond the main bodies of the UN, there are many specialized agencies and programs that produce reports that are not part of the working documents of the organization (Official Records and Masthead documents). Some of these are available as sales publications and some are posted to the agency/program website. In general, sales publications are not part of the depository documents, however we may have purchased a sales publication separately. These items may or may not include a document symbol number.

Search by title in the Cornell Library Catalog or Worldcat.

*Note: Request items not held at Cornell via BorrowDirect or Interlibrary Loan.

Search for the title (not the symbol number) in the library catalog or the Worldcat union catalog. Note: If a sales publication also includes a document symbol number, there is a small chance that it was filmed by Readex for the microfiche or microcard collections.

 If the item is not found in a library catalog or worldcat, it may be available in the Readex UN Microcard/Microfiche collection (1946 - 2009).  Use the print indexes to identify document symbol numbers.

More Strategies

  1. Search the United Nations Digital Library or Online Documentation System. In some cases the working documents of subsidiary bodies or agencies are included as Annexes to the working papers or official records of the the main bodies. 
  2. Check the Yearbook of the United Nations, 1946 - , for additional clues.
  3. Check the United Nations Systems for links to specialized agencies and programs. (Some of these websites will include documents, although coverage will vary).

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