• United Nations Digital Library. (Official Records and maps). This resource replaces the United Nations Dag Hammarskjold library catalog of UN documents (UNBISNET) and includes links to digital versions of official documents and maps. The Digital Library also has catalog entries for non-digitized items that identify the document symbol number, year, etc. See Documents available online.
  • Official Document System Includes born digital documents from 1993, on, and many digitized documents between 1946-1992.

4/26/2023: The Library building at the UN Headquarters in New York is temporarily closed as part of an ongoing maintenance. For the weeks to come, they will not have access to their print collection.

For this reason, the Dag Hammarskjöld Library temporarily suspends on-demand scanning, in-person trainings, and the circulation of print library materials.

If the full text is not available from these two sources, continue to locating documents by symbol number, below.

Official Records Bound Volumes: Legacy Collection

Please note: All of the Official Records* are  now available in the United Nations Digital Library.

*Official Records are labeled as such. There are also non-official records, so-called "masthead" documents, that may or may not be digitized.

Below is information about our legacy collection of print Official Records:

Bound volumes of United Nations Official Records are housed in the Library Annex

Call number: ++ JX 1977 .A41

From 1946 - 1997, documents were collated and bound by the library. In later years, after the UN Documents system (ODS) came online, paper documents were collated and filed in grayboards and sent to the Annex.

Please Note: The bound volumes of Offical Records are incomplete. If you don't find something in the bound volumes, try the UN Official Document System (ODS Online), above. If the item is not available in ODS Online, check the microfiche/microcard sets.

The bound volumes are organized by session (year) and then according to the following scheme:

General Assembly Official Records (GAOR)

Request from the Library Annex:

  • Checklist of Documents     
  • List of Delegations     
  • Plenary Meetings (Meetings)
    Note: "A/PV.__" document numbers are located in lower right-hand corner of each document bound in the meetings volume.
  • General Committee: A/BUR/__SR.__  
  • First Committee (Political and Security): A/C.1/__PV.__    
  • Second Committee (Economic and Financial): A/C.2/__SR.__   
  • Third Committee (Humanitarian and Cultural): A/C.3/__SR.__
  • Fourth Committee (Trusteeship): A/C.4/__SR.__
  • Fifth Committee (Administrative and Budget): A/C.5/__SR.__  
  • Sixth Committee (Legal): A/C.6/__SR.__
  • Annexes     May include documents from subsidiary bodies
  • Supplements     
  • Resolutions and Decisions are in the last supplement of each session. A/Res/__
  • Index to Proceedings : ST/LIB/SER.B/A     

Economic and Social Council Official Records (ESCOR)

Request from Library Annex

  • List of Delegations (maybe)     
  • Plenary Meetings: E/  /SR.     
  • Supplements: E/  /     
    (Resolutions and Decisions are in the first supplement of each session)
  • Index to Proceedings ST/LIB/SER.B./E    

Security Council Official Records  (SCOR)

Request from Library Annex

  • Meetings:  S/PV. __   
  • Supplements: S/__/__     
  • Resolutions: S/INF.__     
  • Index to Proceedings:  ST/LIB/SER.B./E