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A Guide to International and US Statistics Sources: Home

Formerly, "Statistics Sources for the Social Sciences"

About this Guide

This guide lists online and print sources for statistical tables in compendia, databases, and organization websites.

For Social Science datasets, codebooks, and statistical software, see CISER.

For help with survey design, experiments, or statistical analysis see the Statistical Consulting Unit

Computer Labs with Statistical Software.

See also: From Michigan State: How to Find Data & Statistics: Data vs. Statistics

More Guides to Statistical Data

From the Industrial & Labor Relations (ILR) Library, Mann Library, the Management (JGSM) Library, and Area Studies (Europe, Asia, and Latin America).

Agricultural Economics

Management Library: business and financial statistics

ILR Catherwood Library, Statistical Sources: labor statistics

Immigration/Migration Statistics

Maps & Geospatial Information -- Olin 

GIS at Mann Library  

Finding Health Data (Mann Library)

European Statistics and Data: A Reference Guide

Statistics and Data for Latin America 

Statistics Sources for Asia

US Statistics

International Statistics

Compendia, Indexes and Portals

Conflict & Security Data
(links to Comparative Government, International Relations, and Political Theory Research Guide)

Economic and Financial Statistics 

Economic Development Indicators, Foreign Aid and Direct Investment

Elections, Comparative
(links to Comparative Government, International Relations, and Political Theory Research Guide)


(links to Immigration Research Guide)

International Social Indicators

International Social Surveys
Surveying opinion, values, lifestyle


Trade, International 


Awesome datasets

"An awesome list of high-quality open datasets in public domains (on-going). "

This is a mix of raw datasets (requiring statistical software, codebooks, and statistical analysis skills) and tabulated data via databases or in companion reports (e.g. ACLED - Armed Conflict and Event Database Some are fee-based, but many are free.

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