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CDROM -- Current & Historical Data -- Monthly, Quarterly, Annually Available in the Olin Library. Ask at Olin Library.

The CDROM version provides an interface for browsing the database, selecting series of interest, displaying the selected series in spreadsheet format, and saving the selected series for transfer to other software systems, such as Microsoft Excel. Data are available for approximately 180 countries from 1980 onwards and include estimated data from 1981. Includes the Direction of Trade Statistics Historical Database. This product complements the monthly DOTS database and browser on CD-ROM. The Historical Database contains more than 55,000 time series of annual, quarterly, and monthly trade data for approximately 200 countries from 1948 to 1980. The database can be accessed interactively, via an easy-to-use Window interface for browsing, or directly—via the “flat” file—stored in scientific notation format.