Searching the library catalog

Basic Search:

  1. From the library homepage, enter some key words, or a title, and select "catalog" from the drop-down menu.
  2. Alternatively,to start your search in the catalog, leave the search window empty and select catalog from the drop-down menu.
  3. From the list of results in the catalog, you can use the filters on the left to narrow your search

Advanced Search:

  1. From the library catalog, select the Library Catalog, Advanced Search.
  2. Combine keywords and phrases.
  3. Add alternate terms to broaden your search, and select the pulldown menu to select "any."

Expand or filter your search:

  1. Open catalog records to view summaries, table-of-contents, and subject heading links
  2. Follow subject-heading links.
  3. Or, add subject headings to your search and use the pull-down menu to select "Subject Browse"

The Library Catalog, Advanced Search


Catalog advanced search interface

Searching by title

  1. From the library homepage, go to the library catalog.
  2. The "All Fields" search will generally work well, but the dropdown menu provides additional options to search by title, journal title, title begins with, along with other options

Note: Title searches can be finicky. It's often helpful to leave out punctuation like colons or simply enter the beginning part of the title.

library catalog dropdown menu