Newest books

In the Cornell Library catalog, use the "date acquired" filter (bottom left) on search results to show the latest books received that match your search criteria:

Arrow showing "date acquired" search filter in the Cornell Library catalog search.

Start here: Step One

If you like, you can go straight to the New Books List generator, but if you lose this link, here's how to get there from the Library home page. Choose the Library Website search tab (make sure you've moved away from the default search tab!) and enter the text "new books"

Cornell University Library homepage search box

Step Two

Then choose the result for "current awareness"

Cornell University Library search results for "current awareness"

Step Three

Select the "new books" link

Cornell Library "current awareness" page with "new books" link highlighted

Step Four: the New Books List Generator

Now you're there: the New Books List Generator

Cornell University Library new books list generator

Newly-acquired books are listed at the end of every month, so you will see: 1) in addition to newly-published books, older books that have been donated or purchased by request AND 2) books that came in early in the previous month The list is only updated ONCE A MONTH. More about the list.

Some advice:

  • leave the location filter menu at "any" to see books located throughout the library system.
  • Use the asterisk to search for an entire classification, such as N* for all art books
  • TR is the classification for photography
  • AM for museums, collectors, and collecting
  • Many of the history books are cataloged with a geographical focus (i.e., DU* covers Oceania)


New Books Lists

Image: table with books next to library book stacks

There's an easy way to keep track of new books on art, art history, photography, and photographic history using electronic tools. The Fine Arts Library website lists all the new art books here. If you want to sift through and get more information on particular types of new books, here's how: