Getting Started

Step 1: The most important step! Begin by scheduling an appointment with your professional career advisor, Debbie Luk Graves. She will help you define your career goals and coordinate your efforts. She can help you make the connection between your background and interests to potential roles and types of employers.

After meeting with Debbie, read suggested career books and outline your approach. Some suggested titles are listed.

Step 2: Target your search by creating lists of companies in specific regions or industries. Create a list of potential contacts at each company.

Step 3: Research the companies you are interviewing with and the industries they are in. See suggested resources for company and industry research below.

Step 4: Talk to Debbie, second-year students, and alumni about jobs, companies, and interviewing.

Pay attention to advice on how to contact alumni and potential employers. Learn how to craft an engaging message to get your foot in the door. You want to make a good first impression!

Researching Companies

Before going into a Marketing or General Management interviews, it is key to be well-versed about the company and its industry. In addition to researching the companies and industries you are interviewing in, review information in the interview database section of JPAY such as the types of questions asked by the different companies.

Company and Industry Research and Profiles:

Financial Information and Business Overviews:

  • 8k, 10Q, and 10K reports are a wealth of information on financials and recent major events.
  • Available from the SEC, most financial databases, and the company's investor relations website. 

Company's Website:

  • Values
  • Mission statement
  • Culture
  • Earnings Releases (in Investor Relations section)
  • Letter to shareholders (in Investor Relations section)

Keeping Up-To-Date

Social Media & Journals:

Keeping up-to-date on a daily basis is key to smoothly absorbing the larger trends and subtle nuances of an industry. Read daily and follow publications like Smart Brief, eMarketer, and others listed here on social media.

General Resources:

Marketing Resources:

Career Books