Getting Started

Welcome! This guide will help you navigate the best research sources and strategies for your job search.

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Step 1: Begin by scheduling an appointment with a professional career advisor at the Career Management Center. They will help you define your career goals and coordinate your efforts. Read suggested career books and outline your approach.

Step 2: Target your search by creating lists of companies in specific regions or industries. Create a list of potential contacts at each company.

Step 3: Research the companies you are interviewing with and the industries they are in.

Step 4: Talk to career advisors in the Career Management Center, second-year Johnson students, and alumni about the jobs, companies, and interviewing.

Your enrollment in the Cornell MBA program gives you access to a wide array of career planning resources. Explore Management Library's tools, workshops and consultations with a member of a reference team for specific research questions.

This guide was brought to you by the Management Library and the Career Management Center. Click through the tabs above for specific suggestions on how to land your perfect job. Good luck!

Which Type Are You?

Typically, MBAs find jobs via one of two means:

  1. Through on-campus recruiting, or
  2. Via an off-campus job search.

At a minimum, you want to know a few key things about the company you are interviewing with. The library can help you answer questions such as:

  • What has been written about the company in the past few weeks?
  • Who are the key executives?
  • Which firms are the company's top peers?

For off-campus job searchers, you will also need to create lists of companies to target and the library can help!



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