The Health Care Profession

American Medical Association (AMA)
AMA's annual publication Physician Characteristics and Distribution in the U.S. contains statistical data about physicians including trends, characteristics and distribution. The latest print edition is located in Mann Library at the help desk.

Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)
Data and Resources focuses on medical students and residents, institutional operations, and published reports.  Workforce Studies Reports provide additional information on the medical profession. Some of the data is subscription based and not accessible to non-members.

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)
This federal agency publishes Occupational Employment Statistics which provide wage estimates for 80 major groupings of occupations including Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations and Healthcare Support Occupations.

Health Resources and Services Administration
This organization's National Center for Health Workforce Analysis section features recent studies and highlights, such as the National Sample Survey of Registered Nurses,

World Health Organization (WHO)
The Health Workforce section links to statistics and reports on specific populations. The World Health Organization also coordinates the Global Health Observatory which links to an extensive collection of health indicators and data by country.