Occupational Health

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)
Injuries, Illnesses, and Fatalities focuses on worker fatalities and on the job injuries.

Department of Energy
TheComprehensive Epidemiologic Data Resource is a public-use repository of data from occupational and environmental health studies of workers at DOE facilities and nearby community residents.

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

NIOSH Data & Statistics Gateway
Provides surveillance reports, facts sheets, and other statistics for disease-specific surveillance including respiratory disease, traumatic injury, pesticide, and mining data.

Work-Related Injury Statistics Query System or Work-RISQS
A web-based public access query system for obtaining national estimates (number of cases) and rates (number of cases per hours worked) for nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses treated in U.S. hospital emergency departments. Users may interactively query based on demographic characteristics, nature of injury/illness, and incident circumstances.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
Inspection data is provided through the Data and Statistics section.

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Environmental Health

The National Center for Environmental Health Data Resources
The CDC's National Center for Environmental Health provides this useful list of nationally funded data systems, surveys and data resources that have a relationship to environmental public health.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Environmental Health
This page from the CDC provides an overview of environmental health information, including links to data and statistics resources.

National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network
The National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network is a system of integrated health, exposure, and hazard information and data from a variety of national, state, and city sources.

The Publications and Products section provides statistical information.

Environmental Protection Agency
"America’s Children and the Environment brings together, in one place, quantitative information from a variety of sources to show trends in levels of environmental contaminants in air, water, food, and soil; concentrations of contaminants measured in the bodies of mothers and children; and childhood diseases that may be influenced by environmental factors."

EnviroMapper Storefront 
This resource from the EPA provides federal, state, and local information about environmental conditions (e.g. waste management facilities) by zip code area.