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Fiction Browsing Guide for Asia Collections: East Asia

This is a guide to fiction and literature in the Asia Collections of Kroch Library.


Subject search:  Chinese fiction 

Collections of literature to 1912:  PL 2490-2509

Collections of literature after 1912:  PL 2512-2513

Collections by type:  PL 2515-2659  (poetry, drama, letters, diaries, examination essays, other special topics. PL 2515 = books about women authors)

Individual authors:  PL 2261- 2998

Taiwan:   PL 3031 T3 - 3031 T32

Hong Kong:  PL 3119 H7




Subject search:  Japanese fiction

General collections of literature:  PL 752-783 

Individual authors:  PL 784-878

Collections by region or city:  PL 885-889




Subject search:  Korean fiction

General collections of literature;  PL 970-985

Individual authors:  PL 986-993

Collections by region or city:  PL 997-998