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Fiction Browsing Guide for Asia Collections: Home

This is a guide to fiction and literature in the Asia Collections of Kroch Library.

Fiction Collection

The Asia Collections in Kroch Library has an extensive collection of literature and fiction in many Asian languages and dialects.  This guide organizes the fiction collection by country for East and Southeast Asia; and by language for South Asia. The majority of the fiction books are on the lower level of the Kroch Asia stacks, level 1B, in the PK call number section (South Asian) and the PL section (East Asian and Southeast Asian).  

"Literature" covers classic and current novels, short stories, poetry and drama.  It includes edited collections of works as well as works by individual authors, and literary history & criticism.  

Translations of works are shelved with books in the original language.  For example, in addition to Chinese editions of the classic novel Hong Lou Meng [A Dream of Red Mansions], there are versions in English, Vietnamese, French and German.  


May 28, 2021

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