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Kheel Center Digital Collections Guide

The Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation & Archives in the ILR School’s Catherwood Library is one of the foremost archives in the country that documents both labor and management. This guide is a comprehensive resource of all the Kheel Center’s digital collections. It presents materials that are currently available online as well as others that are digitized and available by request. Please reach out to for any inquiries pertaining to your research needs.

This guide is organized topically below:

  1. Home
  2. ILGWU Digital Collections
  3. Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
  4. International Workers Order (IWO)
  5. ILR School Digital Collections
  6. Photograph and Cartoon Collections
  7. Audiovisual Sources
  8. Collective Bargaining Agreements
  9. Anti-Union Campaigns
  10. On DigitalCollections@ILR

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