Audiovisual Resources

ILGWU videos - These films and videos were produced by or for the ILGWU between 1935 and 1985. In addition to the ILGWU's well-known Union Label television commercials are films made during two strikes, the union's Golden Jubilee Convention, and other notable events in the union's history.

Jimmy Hoffa - James Riddle (Jimmy) Hoffa was interviewed at the ILR School in April 1975, only 3 months before he disappeared. Hoffa was on Cornell University’s campus for a series of meetings and lectures and, according to Professor Cletus Daniel, declined a filmed interview early that morning. Throughout the morning’s meetings and discussions, Daniel continued to talk with Hoffa. During lunch, Daniel told Hoffa that he had been a Teamster and showed Hoffa his separation card. Seeing that, Hoffa felt more comfortable with the idea of an interview. Because the interview was arranged at the last minute, the best video recording equipment was already in use. As a result, the sound and visual tracks on the original video recording are poor quality.

College of Labor and Employment Lawyers Oral Histories -  The College of Labor and Employment Lawyers (CLEL) was founded in 1995 with a vision to recognize the profession as one uniquely important to modern economic life, individual rights, collective bargaining and dispute resolution. This CLEL Oral History Project contains videos dedicated to the history of labor and employment law featuring Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Theodore Kheel, William Lucy, Ray Marshall, Donald S. Wasserman, John Higgens, and many more.

Milton Konvitz American Ideals Lectures, 1973 - Milton Konvitz was a professor in Cornell's Law School and a founding faculty member of the ILR School from 1946 until his retirement in 1973. He was an authority on constitutional and labor law and civil and human rights. He was renowned for teaching the American Ideals class at ILR, blending philosophy and law. Ruth Bader, later Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, was one of the many students who attended his class.