Finding Articles from the Wall Street Journal

Step #1 - Go to


Step #2 - Click on "E-Journal Titles"

E-Journals tab on the main library website



Step #3 - Search for the journal (in this case, the Wall Street Journal) 

If we go to the e-Journal titles tab and type in the name of the journal, we will get a list of all of the databases that allow online access to the journal, including the years for which the journal is available.

Type in Wall Street Journal to see where it is available.  There are a few editions of the Wall Street Journal.  You will most likely want the "Eastern Edition".

Enter "Wall Street Journal" into the search box on the E-Journal Titles webpage.

 Scroll down until you see "The Wall Street journal. Eastern Edition" 

E-Journal Titles record for the Wall Street Journal (Eastern Edition)


Step #4 Select the database to view the journal in (in this case Factiva or ABI/INFORM)

E-Journal Titles record for the Wall Street Journal (Eastern Edition) with the links for "ABI/INFORM Global" and "Factiva Academic" Highlighted.

Step #5 - Click on either Factiva or ABI/Inform. I personally recommend ABI/Inform.  It's an easier interface to navigate. 


Step #6 - Search 

You can search some key words based on the assignment. For example, "branding" 

You can limit the search by year if you want more recent articles. You can also narrow the results to full text only. 

In ABI/INFORM, they will be sorted by relevance. If you'd like to change this, use the drop down menu on the left hand side. 

After searching in ABI/Inform, the limiters for "Full Text" and sorting by "Relevance" can be found to the left on the page. 


Step #7 - Scroll through until you find an article you are interested in. 


Step #8 - To read, click on Full Text 

That's all there is to it!  Please be aware that there are multiple ways to search for and access these articles.  You can go directly to ABI/INFORM or Factiva and search use "Wall Street Journal" as a search term as well.