Components of the CEO section

   The CEO section contains the following:

  1. Who is the current CEO?
  2. Include a short bio of the CEO including previous positions and how s/he became the head of the company.
  3. How does the CEO leadership support the current corporate strategy and culture?  If the CEO is turning around the company, how does his/her leadership support the change effort? 

      Where do I look?


Hints and Tips

Basic information on the CEO should prove easy to find.  The company website,Mergent and Google will all give plenty of good information about the CEO. Just make sure you're using a trustworthy website if you rely on Google!. 

Part 3 should be a little trickier.  Take advantage of News and other article resources to find information about the CEO's leadership and it's impact on corporate strategy and culture.  ABI/Inform, Factiva, and Business Source Complete should all work pretty well for this.

Getting help with the assignment

  Getting Help

  1. First and foremost, please watch the videos available in this guide. They will show you how to use the resources, and therefore find the information you need.
  2. If you need clarifications on the assignment, such as ratios or what each section means, please ask your TAs
  3. For questions about resources and research, Please visit the NEED HELP? page on this guide.