Welcome and Getting Started

Welcome to your assignment guide for AEM 1200/2200!

This guide has been designed for your research project on analyzing a publicly traded company, and has nearly all of the resources and instructions that you will need in order to to complete your project.  

  1. Navigate the guide through the tabs at the top of this page. The tabs correspond to the sections of your assignment.
  2. You will need to use different databases for each section of the assignment. I've recommended resources for each section of the assignment.  It couldn't be easier to find the information you need!
  3. Most importantly, this guide contains short videos on how to get the information you need from each database. Please watch these videos before you ask your TA or the library for assistance! Make sure your sound is turned on, otherwise, the videos might not make sense.
  4. Your group's success on this project will be determined not only by the quality of your research, but also by how well you synthesize and incorporate the research into each section.

Market Research Comic

Company checklist

  Take five minutes to find the following:

  • Five years of financial data;
  • A ticker symbol for the company;
  • Download the latest annual report

   That sounds easy.  Where do I look?

What is my company's Industry?

     What is my company's Industry?

Industries are typically defined by NAICS codes.   NAICS codes are 6 digit numbers, where each digit indicates a slightly more specific industry.  

For example:

33 = Manufacturing
327 = Nonmetallic Mineral Product Manufacturing
3272 = Glass and Glass Product Manufacturing
327211 = Flat Glass Manufacturing

These codes help you to identify competitors, and they can help you find resources that will tell you more about your company's industry.

These codes are used throughout most of the databases that you will be using for this assignment.

Many companies will be part of multiple industries, and as a result will have several NAICS codes. Look at the main company profile page in Mergent Online to get an idea of what your company's primary Industry (and primary NAICS code) is.

Getting help with the assignment

  Getting Help

  1. First and foremost, please watch the videos available in this guide. They will show you how to use the resources, and therefore find the information you need.
  2. If you need clarifications on the assignment, such as ratios or what each section means, please ask your TAs
  3. For questions about resources and research, Please visit the NEED HELP? page on this guide.