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50 Essential Iranian Films

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Judāyī-i Nādir az Sīmīn = Separation A Separation = جداىى نادر از سىمىن = Judāyī Nādir az Sīmīn. / written and directed by Aṣghar Farhādī.

1 videodisc (123 min.) In Persian or dubbed French, with optional English or French subtitles.

A married couple are faced with a difficult decision - to improve the life of their child by moving to another country or to stay in Iran and look after a deteriorating parent who has Alzheimers.



Bab'Aziz : Le prince qui contemplait son ame = Bab'Aziz: The prince who contemplated his soul  [The prince who contemplated his soul] by Nacer Khemir]

Call Number: Uris Library Dean Room Videodisc 2524

Circumstance by written and directed by Maryam Keshavarz

Call Number:   uris

Leila by Dariush Mehrjui

Call Number: Library Annex PN1997 .L452 1997

کلوز آپ، نماى نزدىک‏‬‎ / Klūz āp, numā-yi nazdīk

Call Number: Uris Library Hours/Map Dean Room Videodisc 5808

سلام سينماSalām sīnamā = Salam cinema by Mohsen Makhmalbaf

Call Number:

Vākūnish -i panjūm = The fifth reaction by Tahmineh Milani

Call Number: [On Order]

ISBN: 1565804899

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Bani E'temād, Rakhshān ( 1954 - ) One of the most distinguished Iranian film makers.

Beyzai, Bahram ( 1938 - ) One of Iran's most accomplished and respected directors and screenwriters.

Dowlatabadi, Zahra ( 1962 - ) An animator, producer & director.

Farhadi, Asghar ( 1972 - ) Director, Screenwriter and Film Producer.

Hatami, Ali ( 1944 - 1996 ) Film Producer, Director, Screenwriter, Actor, Costume Designer.

Hatami, Leila ( 1971 - ) A Celebrated Iranian Actress.

Karimi, Niki ( 1971 - ) Actress, Director and Screenwriter.

Reza Kianian, Reza   رضا کیانیان

Kiarostami, Abbas ( 1940 - ) One of the best and celebrated filmmakers of our time.

Kimiaei, Massoud ( 1941 - ) Generated another genre in Iranian popular cinema: the tragic action drama.

Majidi, Majid ( 1959 - ) A very talented filmaker of Iran's modern cinema.

Makhmalbaf, Mohsen ( 1957 - ) Film Producer, Director and Screen Writer.

Mehrjui, Dariush ( 1939 - ) A representative of generation of filmmakers who developed the Iranian cinema.

Milani, Tahmineh ( 1960 - ) A renowned feminist filmmaker.

*Motamed Arya, Fatemeh ( فاطمه معتمد آریا )

Panahi, Jafar ( 1960 - ) Director, Editor, Screenwriter and Film Producer.

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iFILM broadcasts Iranian films dubbed in American English.

IFILM TV - Iranian TV Channel on Cinema

IranProud Watch Iranian Movies and Television Online

Media That Matters Short films that showcase topics of interest from all over the world.

World Digital Library Provides access to digitized items from all over the world.

Kanopy  Home [IRAN] thousands of classic feature films, educational shorts and documentaries [·Cornell University on Kanopy platform which you can access with your Cornell login: If a title doesn’t show up in a search  let me know and we’ll contact Kanopy and ask them to acquire it [from the library's online catalog].

Alexander Street Press [IRAN] have deals on their packages, which the library has bought, but do sell individual titles now as well .

ForeignFilms.com - The best place to find foreign films on the web [IRAN]


​​​​​​​IMVBox is an online distribution platform established in September 2013 to support cinema of Iran. It was initially set up by an office in the UK but it has since opened offices in Tehran and the US. It offers legal English-subtitled Iranian movies

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Atomic Jihad: Ahmadinejad's Coming War For Islamic Revival And Obama's Politics 



Inside Iranian Cinema (Part 1-3)

Suggested Reading (Introductory)

رؤىاى صادقه : ǂ سىرى در مستندات سال‌هاى آغازىن سىنما در ايران / ǂ بهزاد رحىمىان. Ruya-yi Sadiqah : sayri dar mustanadat-i sal’ha-yi aghazin-i sinama dar Iran  [English Title: The prophetic dream : a comprehensive chronicle of advent of Iranian cinema in the silent era]/ Author: Bihzad Rahimiyan. Publishers:  Mu’assasah-i Farhangi-i Pizhuhishi-i Chap va Nashr-i Nazar.   Edition: 1st, 2016.   Place: Tehran, Iran.    Language: Persian.  No. of Volumes: 2.  ISBN:  9786001522086 (v. 1);  9786001522093 (v. 2)  Subject : Motion pictures – Iran – History [OLIN: PN1993.5.I7  R345 2016]

Essays. Iranian Cinema

Workshop with renowned Iranian film director Bahram Beyzaie at Stanford University, January - March 2013. Sponsored by the Stanford Hamid and Christina Moghadam Program in Iranian Studies, and the Bita Daryabari Endowment in Persian Letters.

Iranian Cinema: Bahram Beyzai, Iranian Cinema, Feminism, Art ...

The tragic endings of Iranian cinema - Al Jazeera English

Iranian War Cinema - Dream Of Iran

Abbas Kiarostami: Articles & Interviews


Majid Majidi Iranian film director

Poetic cinema: Trauma and memory in Iranian films

In order to find scholarly articles on world cinema, use EBSCO's database Film Literature Index Logo - Click to go to the FLI Home PageFilm literature Index The Film Literature Index (FLI) annually indexes 150 film and television periodicals from 30 countries cover-to-cover and 200 other periodicals selectively for articles on film and television. The periodicals range from the scholarly to the popular. More than 2,000 subject headings provide detailed analysis of the articles. The FLI Online contains approximately 700,000 citations to articles, film reviews and book reviews published between 1976-2001. You can search the citations or browse by subject headings, browse by person names, browse by production titles, or browse by corporate names.

The history of Iranian cinema, Part I by Masoud Mehrabi

Iranian Cinema: Before the Revolution

Iranian filmmakers and influence of Ancient Persian literature

Shahin Parhami, Iranian Cinema: Before the Revolution

Watch Iranian CINEMA DOCUMENTARY. The history of Iranian Cinema DOCUMENTARY

Iranian cinema & performance arts

Visual Representations of Iran: Conference, Film Season, Photographic exhibition (Dept. of Social Anthropology, University of St Andrews, 13-16 June 2008) remains one of the major programs regarding Visual Studies of post-revolutionary Iran in the West. This program received financial support from the Wenner-Gren Foundation (U.S.A.), Parsa Community Foundation (U.S.A.), Centro Incontri Umani (Switzerland), the Houtan Scholarship Foundation (U.S.A.), the Royal Anthropological Institute (U.K.), the Iran Society (U.K.), and the Iran Heritage Foundation (U.K.).

An Answer to Cannes, on Screen in Iran  / New York Times  5/1/2018

The Object-Voice: The Acousmatic Voice in the New Iranian Cinema / Farshid Kazemi – Camera Obscura (2018) 33 (1 (97)): 57-81.

How Iran's 'filmfarsi' remains the biggest secret in cinema history

Iranian Film Journals & Magazines

ادبستان. Adabistān. Adabestán. Tihrān :   Muʼassasah-i Iṭṭilāʻāt [1990s]

ʻAks   (Tihran)  Tihrān : Anjuman-i Sīnimā-yi Javānān-i Īrān. Monthly. Began with 1365 [i.e. 1986].

Ātish. Iradah-i Asyā. shumārah 1-56; 14 Urdibihisht 1958-14 Khurdād 1959.

Bānī fīlm. Bonnie film daily news. Tihrān : Masʻūd Dāvudī, 1385- [2006-

Bulletin of the National Film Archive of Iran. Tehran : ǂb The Archive,  1989- Irregular.

Film International, Iranian Film Quarterly 

Cine-eye : a journal on independent cinema. سىنما چشم. Sīnimā chashm.Began with: 2012, no. 1 (May 2012). [Brentford?] : H&S, 1391 [2012]- Irregular

Daftarhā-yi sīnima. Daftar-i 1 (Ābān 1359 [Oct./Nov. 1980])-

Diyār-i hunar. دىار هنر. Diar e honar Diare honar. Kūālālāmpūr : ǂb Diyār-i hunar, [2011]- Chiefly in Persian with some articles in English.

Dunya-yi tasvir دنياى تصوير  Dunyā-yi taṣvīr/Donyaye tassvir/Picture world. Tihrān : ʻAlī Muʻallim, 1993- Monthly 1 (Feb. 1993)-

Fārābī. فارابى. Issues for <fall 1998-> called also:   فارابى، فصلنامۀ سينمائى . Fārābī, faṣlnāmah-ʼi sīnimāʼī.  Tihrān :  Bunyād-i Sīnimāʼī-i Fārābī.

Farhang va s̄inimā. فرهنگ و سينما. Farhang va sīnimā. Culture and cinema. Issues for July/Aug. 2001-Feb./Mar. 2006 have also title:  Farhang va cinema monthly. Tehran] :  P.S. Muqaddam.

Faṣlnāmah-i ṭāvūs : faṣlnāmah-i hunar-i Īrān. فصلنامه طاووس : ǂ فصلنامه هنر ايران. Ṭāvūs / Tavoos. Tihrān : ǂb Iranian Art Pub.,  1378- [1999]- Quarterly. In Persian and English.

فىلم کوتاه = Short film magazine.  ماهنامه ى فىلم کوتاه. Māhnāmah-yi film-i kūtāh. Tihrān :  Amīr Luṭfiyān. Monthly. Began in 2008. Chiefly in Persian, some in English.

Fīlmʹnigār :  māhnāmah-i fīlmʹnāmah nivīsī. Tihrān : ǂb Muʻāvanat-i Sīnimāyī-i Vizārat-i Farhang va Irshād-i Islāmī. Monthly. [200?]

گزارش فارابى. Guzārish-i Fārābī. Fārābī. Tihrān : Fārābī,  [1997]-

Guzārish-i Fārābī :  nashrīyah-i farhangī va hunarī, vīzhah-ʼi iṭṭilāʻāt va akhbār-i sīnimāyī. گزارش فارابى : ǂ  نشريه فرهنگى و هنرى، وىژۀ  اطلاعات و اخبار سىنماىى. Tihrān :  Bunyād-i Sīnimāyī-i Fārābī,  [1997]-

Guzārish-i fīlm. گزارش فيلم. Film report. Reportage du film. Tihrān : K. Zargar, [1990]- Monthly. Chiefly in Persian; some articles in English and French, <May 1992-June 1994>

Hamshahrī-i sīnimā, 24.  همشهرى سىنما، 24.   . Bīst va chahār, majallah-yi sīnimāyī. بىست و چهار، مجله سىنماىى.  Majallah-yi sīnimāyī-i bīst va chahār. Tihrān : Gurūh-i Majallāt-i Hamshahrī, 1391-   [2012-   ]

Īrānʹfīlm. Īrān fīlm. [Tehran?] : Shirkat-i Sihāmī-i Fīlmʹbardārī-i Īrān.  Shumārah-i 1 (1323 [1944]);

Jashnvareh. [Tehran] :  Fajr Film Festival,  2005. Daily. Publication of the 23rd Fajr Film Festival.

Kārʹnāmah-i yak sālah-i māhnāmah-i sinimāyī-i Fīlm. کارنامه ىک ساله ماهنامه سنماىى فىلم. Fīlm, az shumārah-ʼi ... tā ..., kārʹnāmah-ʼi yak sālah فىلم، از شمارۀ ... تا ... ، کار‌امۀ ىک ساله. [Tehran] :  Mihrābī, M., 1385 [2006]- Annual. Supplement to: Fīlm.

Kitāb-i fīlm va sīnimā. [Tehran] :  Shirkat-i Intishārāt-i Khiradmand, 1990- Daftar-i 1. (bahār 1369 [spring 1990])-

Nāmah-i Fīlmkhānah-i Millī-i Īrān. نامۀ فيلمخانۀ ملى ايران. Iranian National Film Archive quarterly. Name-ye Film-Khane-ye Melli-ye Iran. Tihrān :  Fīlmkhānah-i Millī-i Īrān, ǂc 1989- Text in Persian; summaries in English.

Naqd-i sinima. Naqd-i sīnimā. Naghd-e cinema. Film criticism. [Tehran] : Ḥawzah-i Hunarī-i Sāzmān-i Tablīghāt-i Islāmī. Quarterly [1990?]

Payām-i sīnimā. [Tehran? :  s.n.],  1981- Jild-i 1 (Shahrīvar 1360 [Aug./Sept. 1981])-

Pindār.  [Tehran : s.n.,  1959]- Sāl-i 1., shumārah-i 1. [No. 1, 1959]-

Sīnamā dar vīdiʼū.  [Tehran] :  Chāp-i Rangīn,  1982. Monthly. Kitāb-i 1 (Tīr 1361 [June 1982])-Kitāb-i 2 (Ābānmāh 1361 [Nov. 1982])

Sīnamā-i anīmayshin : faṣlʹnāmah-i takhaṣṣuṣī-i anīmayshin, pizhūhishī, āmūzishī, taḥlīlī.  [Animation specialized quarterly]  سىنما انىمىشن :فصل‌امه تخصصى انىمىشن، پژوهشى، آموزشى، تحلىلى Markaz-i Gustarish-i Sīnimā-yi Mustanad va Tajribī =مرکز گسترش سينماى مستند و تجربى

Sīnamā tiʼātr. Tihrān :  H. Farrukhī, 1373 [1994]-

Sīnimā-yi āzād. Cinema-ye azad. Cinama-ye-azad. Saarbrücken, Germany : Cinema-ye Azad e.V., [Markaz-i Pizhūhishī va Fīlmʹsāzī-i Sīnimā-yi Āzād] 1996- Monthly.

Sīnimā-yi imrūz :  nashrīyah-i farhangī, hunarī = Cinema today : art magazine. Cinema today. [Tehran] : Sayyid Masʻūd Fakhrī Ṭabā Ṭabāyī, 2004-  Monthly.

Sīnimā-yi nuvīn. [Tehran :  s.n., 1981?]-1985. Quarterly. Daftar-i 1 (1981?)-Daftar-i 6 (1364 [1985])

Sīnimā-yi rūz. Cinamaye rooz. [Tehran] : P. Ṣamadī Muqaddam, 1385- [2006-

Sūrah, sīnimā. Sīnimā. Sureh, cinema. Sūrah-i sīnimā. Tihrān : Ḥawzah-i Hunarī,  [1992]-

Sūrah, vīzhah-i sīnimā. Vīzhahʹnāmah-ʼi sīnimāī-i Sūrah. Sureh. Sūrah, [Vīzhahʹnāmah-ʼi sīnimāʼī-i Sūrah.. vīzhahʹnāmah-i sīnimāʼī]. Tihrān : Ḥawzah-i Hunarī-i Sāzmān-i Tablīghāt-i Islāmī,  [1991] Quarterly. Shumārah-ʼi 1. (bahār 1370 [spring 1991]).

Surūsh va sīnimā. Tihrān : Surūsh,1987- 1 (29 Farvardīn 1366 [19 April 1987])-

Taṣvīr : sīnimā, tiʼatr, tilivīziyūn. [Tehran] :  S. Qahramānī,1980- Monthly. Sāl-i 1, shumārah-i 1 (Bahman 1358 [Jan./Feb. 1980])-

Fīlm فيلم.(Tehran, Iran) ماهنامه سينمايى فيلم. Tihran : Fīlm. Monthly. In Persian and English. 

Fīlm (Tehran, Iran : Annual) Fīlm : kitāb-i sāl-i sīnimā-yi Īrān. Māhnāmah-i sinimāyī-i fīlm. Tihran :  Fīlm, Annual. Sāl-i 1382- [2004]-

Ḥarakat (Tehran, Iran) Ḥarakat : nūr, ṣidā, dūrbīn. Tihrān : Muḥammad Riz̤ā Zāyirī Monthly [1990s]

Kitāb-i māh (Tehran, Iran : 1962) Kitāb-i māh.  Tihrān. dawrah 1.- ; Khurdād 1962-

Maks̲ (Iran) مکث. Māhnāmah-i sīnimāyī farhangī hunarī-i maks̲. ماهنامه سىنماىى فرهنگى هنرى مکث. Tihrān :  [s.n., ǂc 2006]- Monthly Shumārah-i 1 (Shahrīvar [13]85 [Aug.-Sept. 2006])-

Sīnamā (Tehran, Iran)  سىنما (تهران، اىران). Tehran International Film Festival Bimonthly (irregular), Apr. 1975-<May/June . 1978> Monthly (irregular), ǂb <Dec. 1974/Jan. 1975>-Feb./Mar. 1975.

Sīnimā (Tehran, Iran) Sīnimā /   Sīdā va Sīmā-yi Jumhūrī-i Islāmī-i Īrān. Kitāb-i Surūsh sīnimā.Tihrān :  Intishārāt-i Sīdā va Sīmā-yi Jumhūrī-i Islāmī-i Īrān,  1367 [1988]- Quarterly Shumārah-i 1 (pāʼīz 1367 [fall 1988])-

Sīnimā (Tehran, Iran)) Tihrān :  Ḥusayn Vakhshvarī. Weekly [1990s]

Sīnimā (Los Angeles, Calif.) Cinema   (Los Angel. Calif., 1994) Los Angeles, CA :   Cinema by Numbers,   [1994]- Monthly Vol. 1, no. 1 (Dec. 1994)- Issues carry year in title, eg. Sīnimā 95, etc. In Persian; some English.

Sīnimā va adabīyāt. Faṣlnāmah-i sīnimā va adabīyāt = Cinema & literature. Tihran : [s.n., 2004]- Quarterly Sāl-i 1., shumārah-i 1. ( tābistān 1383 [summer 2004])- Editor in chief: Humāyūn Khusravī.

by Iran. Vizārat-i Farhang va Irshād-i Islāmī. Sīnināyĭ-i Hunar va Tajrbah.;
Language: Persian  
Publisher: سىنماىى هنر و تجربه، وزارت فرهنگ و ارشاد اسلامى Tihrān : Sīmināyī- Hunar va Tajrubah, Vizārat-i Farhang va Irshād-i Islāmī

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IRIB MEDIA TRADE, known before as Cima Media Int'l (CMI), is the sole representive of IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting) in distribution of its productions (documentaries, feature films, TV series,Tele films and animations ) as well as program acquisition for IRIB localTV channels.

Film Festvals

Fajr International Film Festival

The Fajr International Film Festival and Fajr Film Festival are Iran's annual film festivals, held every February and April in Tehran, Iran. The festival, started in 1982, is under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in Iran. It takes place every year on the anniversary of the Iranian revolution.

Fajr International Film Festival: Tehran meets Hollywood

An Answer to Cannes, on Screen in Iran  / New York Times  5/1/2018

Iran’s Biggest Director Kicks Off Cannes the Same Day Trump Pulls Out of Iran Nuclear Deal [ Iranian filmmaker Asghar Farhadi]