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Middle Eastern & North African Cinema & Film: Israeli Cinema & Film

A subject guide providing selected resources and other aggregated information for researching and studying Middle Eastern & North African Cinema & Film


The resources in this section cover movie production in Israel since its founding in 1948. While movies were made in Mandatory Palestine the development of the local film industry accelerated after the establishment of the state. Early films were mainly documentary or news roundups, shown in Israeli cinemas before the movie started.

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Israeli Cinema/Film Databases

Award winning Movies & Films

Top 10 Israeli Movies

Info on

List of Best Film Award winners

Israeli Film Reviews

The International Federation of Film Critics

IMDB Best Israeli Films

"A glowing 2014 for the Israeli film industry". Cineuropa. Retrieved 20 January 2015.

Film and Conflict - Palestine-Israel Journal

MRQE – the Movie Review Query Engine

Film Distributors & Vendors

Ruth Diskin Films "Ruth Diskin Films Ltd. grants international marketing & distribution services awards to the Best Documentary Film at the Israeli Documentary Forum as well as to the Best Documentary Film of the DocAviv International Film Festival - Israel’s leading film industry events."

Israel Documentaries Online: 7 Places to Find and Watch Films

Reference * General Resources * Cinema ISRAEL מְדִינַת יִשְׂרָאֵל

Cinema History * Background

A history of Israeli cinema 2014 Home (1 video file, approximately 208 min.) A Kanopy Streaming Video Connect to online resource. [San Francisco, California, USA] : Kanopy Streaming, 2014. Hebrew. Raphael Nadjari's two-part documentary weaves together clips from more than 70 years of Israeli film with commentary from filmmakers, scholars and critics - including Amos Gitai, Joseph Cedar, Avi Mograbi, Yehuda Ne'eman, Menachem Golan, Moshe Ivgy, Ronit Elkabetz and Zeev Revach.

Israel Cinema‎ "Explore Israel Cinema Discover More on!"

Defining Moments in Israeli Cinema / Guy Cohen. IN: "Handbuch Jüdische Kulturgeschichte."

Project MUSE - Israeli Cinema

Israeli Early Cinema

Deeper than Oblivion: Trauma and Memory in Israeli Cinema

Disjointed Narratives in Contemporary Israeli Films

Israel/Palestine Amos Gitai [University of California, Berkeley--NOT updated]

The Spielberg Jewish Film Archive - The First Film of Palestine

The New School ( presents Israeli and Palestinian Cinema: Shaping Memory and Imagining the Future Scholar Ella Habiba Shohat and curator Rasha Salti discuss the new edition of Shohat's seminal book Israeli Cinema: East/West and the Politics:≈

Faces of Israel: New Israeli Cinema (4pc) / (Sub)Faces of Israel: New Israeli Cinema (4pc) / (Sub).Director: Alex Holmes, Alex Holmes, Dror Zahavi .  Cast: Alex Holmes, Alex Holmes, Andras Salamon, Dror Zahavi

"The boxed set FACES OF ISRAEL collects some of the most enlightening and award-winning recent films from the country, highlighting the themes and issues that are intrinsic to its national identity."--Amazon

Related imageArab Film on Israeli Television: An Interview with Eyal Sagui Bizawe


An ultra-Orthodox man walks past a movie poster for "That awkward moment," translated to Hebrew as "The date that embarrassed me," outside a cinema in Jerusalem, February 27, 2014 (photo credit: AP/Sebastian Scheiner)Hollywood movie titles are lost in translation [Copyright 2014 The Associated Press]


Related imageTel Aviv cinema faces funding cut over Nakba film fest 


Egypt bans film about Jewish community Film-makers claim security agencies have censored their documentary on Egypt's thriving pre-1950s Jewish community.


The Best Israeli Films to Watch On Netflix - Culture Trip 

Selected Movies @ Cornell

For more Israeli films (Library Catalog)

‫‏היסטוריה של הקולנוע הישראלי‏A History of Israeli Cinema‬‎ / Hisṭoryah shel ha-kolnoa ha-yisre eli = A history of Israeli cinema. c2013.  New York : Kino Lorber, c2013.  Call Number: Uris Library Dean Room Videodisc 5076  (Also STEMING: A history of Israeli cinema. [San Francisco, California, USA] : Kanopy Streaming, 2014.)



 Bikur ha-Tizmoret = The band's visit by Eran Kolirin

Call Number: Uris Library Dean Room Videodisc 3490

ISBN: 1424898293

[Closed-captioned.  In Hebrew, with optional subtitles in English, English SDH, or Spanish. ISBN: 0788611933

Call Number: Uris Library Dean Room Videodisc 3855

Thebubble.jpgThe bubble = ha-Buʻah by Eytan Fox  [In Hebrew and Arabic with Hebrew and English subtitles.]

Call Number: Uris Library Dean Room Videodisc 2356

Image result for ‫העלמה בלובשטיין רחל‬‎העלמה בלובשטיין רחל‏‬‎ / ha-ʻAlmah Bluvshṭain Raḥel  Video ‎‫‏ישראל : יאיר קדר ורשות השידור, 2015.‏‬‎
Yiśraʼel : Yaʼir Ḳedar ṿe-Rashut ha-shidur, 2015.
In Hebrew [Uris Library Dean Room Videodisc]

 Ushpizin by Gidi Dar  [English and Hebrew dialogue, English or Spanish subtitles. ] ISBN: 0780654773

Cinema Journals & Magazines (Israeli/Jewish)

Related imageJewish Film & New Media | Wayne State University Press ' provides an outlet for research into any aspect of Jewish film, television, and new media and is unique in its interdisciplinary nature, exploring the rich and diverse cultural heritage across the globe. The journal is distinctive in bringing together a range of cinemas, televisions, films, programs, and other digital material in one volume and in its positioning of the discussions within a range of contexts—the cultural, historical, textual, and many others."

Annual catalogue of Israeli films. [ Previously: Israel annual film guide] / Sinemateq Yerushalayim, ha-arkhiyyon ha-yisreeli lisratim.; Jerusalem Film Center. Jerusalem Cinematheque-Israel Film Archive, 2008/2009-.

ʻAyin be-ʻayin. Tel-Aviv :  Seminar ha-ḳolnoʻa ha-tiʻudi : Bavel hotsaʼah la-ʼor, ǂc 2003-

אקשן ǂ מגזין קולנוע, תרבות ופנאי. Eḳshen :   magazin ḳolnoʻa, tarbut u-fenai.

Globus Max. Tel Aviv :  Globus Max. 2010.

ʻIton Ḳamerah obsḳurah. Tel Aviv : Ḳamerah obsḳurah, bet ha-sefer le-omanut, 1996-

Ḳarnayim. "Ketav-ʻet le-ḳolnoʻa ule-ṭeleṿizyah." Gilayon 1- (Yuni 2000- ) Tel-Aviv : ha-Ḳeren ha-ḥadashah le-ḳolnoʻa ṿe-ṭeleṿizyah, 2000-

Ḳaṭ. Tel Aviv : Ḳaṭ pirsumim, 2004-

Ḳiṭʻe ʻitonut : ha-Ḳeren ha-ḥadashah le-ḳolnoʻa ṿe-ṭeleṿizyah. Tel Aviv :  Efrat Gurman tiḳshoret shiṿuḳit yotseret : bi-temikhat ha-Moʻetsah ha-Yiśreʼelit le-ḳolnoʻa.

Ḳlip. Tel Aviv : Ḳlip, "Seraṭim, roḳ, Taḳliṭim, ṿideʼo."

- קבצים לאמנות הקולנוע והטלוויזיה קלוזאפ Ḳlozap : ḳevatsim le-omanut ha-ḳolnoʻa ṿeha-ṭeleṿizyah, Tel Aviv : Ḳevutsat Ḳlozap ba-ḥug le-ḳolnoʻa ṿe-ṭelevizyah, Universiṭat Tel-Aviv be-shituf ʻim ha-Arkhiyon ha-Yiśreʼeli li-seraṭim, Ḥefah, 1973-

 Ḳolnoʻa + ulam u-meloʼo.  קולנוע + אלם ומלואוTel Aviv : Gaʻash shiṿek, 200-

קולנוע בישראל  - Ḳolnoʻa be-Yiśraʼel :  סיכום הפעילות בשנים sikum ha-peʻilot ba-shanim ... Tel-Aviv : Miśrad ha-ḥinukh, ha-tarbut ṿeha-sporṭ, Minhal ha-tarbut, ha-Moʻatsah ha-Yiśreʼelit le-ḳolnoʻa :  ha-Merkaz le-medaʻ ule-meḥḳere tarbut. Began with: 1999/2000/2001.

קולנוע דרום : ǂ הגות וביקורת. Ḳolnoʻa darom :  hagut u-viḳoret [Cinema south]. Ḥof Ashḳelon : ha-Mikhlalah ha-aḳademit Sapir - ha-Maḥlaḳah le-omanut ha-ḳolnoʻa ṿeha-ṭeleṿizyah, 2007-

פס יצירה : ǂ כתב עת לקולנוע. Pas yetsirah : ketav ʻet le-ḳolnoʻa. Annual Began with: 1 (2003)\

ha-Ozen Third ear. [Israel] : ha-Ozen ha-shelishit

ha-Masriṭ  המסריט Tel-Aviv : Histadrut ha-kelalit shel ha-ʻovdim ha-ʻIvriyim be-Erets-Yiśraʼel, 1965- No. 1 (Yuli, 1965)-

מסך גדול, מסך קטן. Masakh gadol, masakh ḳaṭan.  Maḥlaḳat ha-ḳolnoʻa bʻ.m., 1988-

Omanut ha-ḳolnoʻa (Tel Aviv, Israel) Issues for May 1957-  have English title:   Omanut - Hakolnoa (Film-Art)

Sinemaṭeḳ (Jerusalem) סינמנטק. In Hebrew and English. Yerushalayim :  Sinemaṭeḳ

 Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive. [Scroll on activities, news]

Sinepariz. Tel Aviv :  Globus Hod, In Hebrew and French.

Tokhnit. Sinemaṭeḳ Tel Aviv

Time out אקשן Time out Aḳshen [Motion picture actors and actresses]

Miḳbats : ḳolnoʻa, ḳiṭʻe ʻitonut /  ha-Makhon ha-Yiśreʼeli le-ḳolnoʻa. / Miḳbats (Makhon ha-Yiśreʼeli le-ḳolnoʻa). Monthly. Tel-Aviv : ha-Makhon, [1977]-

Duḥot kaspiyim bilti mevuḳarim ...  [Tel Aviv] :  Dalin Hafaḳot seraṭim - shutafut mugbelet. Quarterly. 2001 (Mar. 2001)-

Duaḥ tekufati. [Tel Aviv] : Dalin Hafaḳot seraṭim - shutafut mugbelet.

IAF International Index to Film Periodicals Plus. [MIDDLE East] Indexes 340 of the world's academic & popular film journals.

Film International: This online equivalent of the print journal features both original articles and selections from the print text.  Topics range from film analyzes and reviews to research pieces on directors as well as national cinemas.

Adaptation An international forum focused on literature on screen.

Cineaste Includes articles, interviews, film, DVD and books about film reviews.

Filmakers Library Online Documentaries from diverse cultures world-wide.

FMG Master Academic Collection Full length documentaries.

Framework: The Journal of Cinema and Media International journal

Wide Angle Taking an in-depth look at international film.

Historical Journal of Film, Radio & Television Journal of the International Association for Media and History.

Israeli Film Streaming / Online

Image result for Streaming servicesisraelfilmcenter Feature, documentary, shorts and television shows for a fee [ is an initiative of the Israel Film Center at The JCC in Manhattan, a leading resource for Israeli film, expanding Israel's emerging film industry and promoting Israeli culture in America. The center serves as an exhibitor, promoter, educator, funder, distributor, producer, network organizer, advisor, and festival producer, as well as includes a viewing library and on-line database of Israeli cinema ( Israel Film Center STREAM is the most comprehensive site for Israeli films in the U.S., offering year-round promotions and special thematic programs of both new releases and classics.

Media That Matters Short films that showcase topics of interest from all over the world.

World Digital Library Provides access to digitized items from all over the world.

The Film Foundation's World Cinema Project Restored films from films all over the world made available through streaming content

Watch Israeli Movies & Films Online | Fandor

A history of Israeli cinema. [San Francisco, California, USA] : Kanopy Streaming, 2014.)

Media That Matters  Short films that showcase topics of interest from all over the world.

The Spielberg Jewish Film Archive - The First Film of Palestine

iStreamGuide: Israeli Movies NETFLIX Genre: Israeli Movies

The Film Foundation's World Cinema Project Restored films from films all over the world made available through streaming content

Image result for youtubeIsraeli Cinema. Films


Kanopy * Israel  Home thousands of classic feature films, educational shorts and documentaries [·Cornell University on Kanopy platform which you can access with your Cornell login: If a title doesn’t show up in a search  let me know and we’ll contact Kanopy and ask them to acquire it [from the library's online catalog].

Alexander Street Press * Israel  have deals on their packages, which the library has bought, but do sell individual titles now as well .

Feature Films : Free Movies : Download & Streaming : Internet Archive Feature films, shorts, silent films and trailers are available for viewing and downloading.

The Best Israeli Films to Watch On Netflix - Culture Trip


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