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Willard Straight Occupation Study Guide: Articles

Magazine/Journal Articles

  • “Ascent of Tom Jones.” William E. Cox, Black Issues in Higher Education, vol. 11 no. 17: 25, 20 October 1994.
  • Childs, C. “Black Studies at Cornell: The Troubled Path to Understanding.” Life, 68: 56-60, 17 April 1970.
  • "James Turner Reflects on the 20th Anniversary of the Willard Straight Takeover." Africana Studies & Research Center Newsletter volume 1, number 1, spring 1989, 11-13.
  • “Guns Come to Cornell: With a Report by C. Childs.” Life 66: 20-27, 2 May 1969.
  • “It Can’t Happen Here, Can it?” Newsweek. 73: 26-30. 5 May 1969.
  • “Once an Armed African-American Revolutionary, He Now Establishes a Racial Harmony Award at Cornell.” The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, 30 June 1995, 46.
  • Thelwell, Michael. “Two Black Radicals Report on Their Campus Struggles.” Ramparts Magazine 8: 47-48, July 1969.
  • Strout, Cushing. “Sixties Protest Culture and What Happen at Cornell.” New England Review, vol. 19, issue 2, 110.
  • Ying, Ma. “The Ugly Shadow of ’69.” American Enterprise, vol. 10, issue 6: 78, 1 November 1999.

Puliter Prize Photo

photo from <em>Newsweek</em> of Eric Evans and Edward Witfield, leading students out of Willard Straight.

Eric Evans and Edward Witfield, leading students out of Willard Straight.

Check the CUL catalog to locate which libraries contains the magazine/journal of the article(s) that you are looking for.

If Cornell does not have the issue(s) of the magazine/journal title(s), then try to attain through Interlibrary Loan.